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Who Do You Trust When Nobody Really Knows?


Whoever tells you they know exactly what you should do in your business right now is frankly, full of crap.

I mean, let’s be real. That was true BEFORE Coronavirus too.

But it’s even more true now…

Uncertainty and unknowns are at an all-time high. We are navigating uncharted territory.

And there is TONS of advice out there about how you should act, what you should eat, how to home school your kids, which exercises to do, what supplements to take, how to calm your nerves, what to do and not do in your business, and on and on.

Some of it is excellent advice. Some of it is terrible. But one thing we know is that there is a LOT of it.

So who do you listen to when no one REALLY knows?

Here’s what I do.

I take in information from a few trusted sources, and I let it simmer.

And then… I turn to the expert on my life:


No one knows what’s best for you better than you.

And yet… wow, can it be hard to hear YOU amidst the din of what everyone else is saying, plus the reality of our limited bandwidth right now.

You might be super busy, moving very quickly, trying to figure out and do all-the-things that need doing, and/or you might simply be anxious about what mighthappen (by the way, this is all totally normal).

But we can’t tune into our own truth when we’re moving at this pace and with so much advice flying around.

We have to slow down, take space, and listen.

We have to be alone and undistracted long enough for the busy thoughts to fall away and for allow the real wisdom to arrive.

How do we do this? A walk. A hot shower. A lounge on your couch staring at the ceiling after the kids are in bed.

Whatever you can do.

I think you know that when you take space away from the busyness, more clarity arrives. The hard questions that have been dogging you somehow get answered. Flow happens.

But again, this kind of connection to ourselves and the universe is nearly impossible unless we can extract ourselves from the chaos.

So this is simply a PSA for you to make the time to take that walk, take that extra long shower, and ask whomever you need to ask to cover you so you can take that time for yourself.

So that you can make decisions about what to do in your life and business from a grounded, connected, aligned place.

And if you’re thinking right now, I can’t POSSIBLY take the time right now, I invite you to simply find a “slow moment.”

We can’t all just “fully surrender to the natural ebb” our society may be offering us right now (gosh, I wish I could!!) but we CAN find moments to slow down, nourish ourselves, and clear our busy minds, even if that looks different than it might once have.

And what I’ve found over the last week is that when I take the slow moments, I end up taking more slow moments, because I realize how much the slow moments are actually moving me forward in a powerful, much more grounded way.


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