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It’s OK to Sell During a Crisis – Look at These Examples

Despite the state of the world, and my own emotional ups and downs over the last week, I’ve been SO inspired recently by what my amazing clients are up to… These aren’t necessarily NEW offers, but they are finding new ways to re-message their important work in ways that are more relevant to our current experience:

  •       Intimacy coaching (yep, things are getting a lot more intimate)
  •       Staying healthy naturally
  •       KonMari-ing your house (with all that spare time)
  •       Finding internal resilience in nature (we can still go outside!)
  •       Teaching nonprofit orgs how to facilitate their meetings online
  •       Astrology & energy healing in uncertain times

And those are just a few…

If you saw my last post, I talked about being open to the opportunities that are arising through this crisis (among other things).

Now, I’m not talking about sleazy selling that capitalizes on fear and crisis.

I’m talking about the fact that for most of you, what you offer is still relevant and perhaps even MORE needed than it was before.

Not to mention, you still need to earn money, right!?

Anyone who gives you the side-eye for sharing your services right now can… I don’t know. I’ll be nice.

Bottom line: There is NO SHAME in selling right now, as long as you do it with integrity and acknowledge this crazy situation we’re all in.

You might need to shift your messaging, restructure an offer, or go online, but you DON’T need to bail. Consider professional support from themarketingheaven.com to optimize your online presence and sales strategies effectively.

Again, the key question to ask is: How can I legitimately be of service?

But this is easier said than done… because I’m also observing entrepreneurs (maybe you?) who are feeling stuck or not quite sure where to take your business right now.

I’m going to be honest. I do not have all the answers. There is so much uncertainty here, and none of us have lived through anything quite like this.

What I DO know is this:

  •       Getting grounded and calm helps
  •       Creating an abundance mindset helps
  •       Going outside helps
  •       Being in community (even virtually) helps
  •       And strategizing about your business with someone smart helps

I’ve been ruminating myself on how I can be of greatest service, and I’ve decided to wrap all of that together and take my tried and true daylong retreats in nature online.

On April 1, I’ll be hosting The RESILIENCE Retreat for Women Entrepreneurs: Adaptation, Opportunity and Community Amidst the Coronavirus.

You are invited to share in sacred time with other women entrepreneurs where we will connect and commune, via Zoom and in nature (on our own), where we will share, listen and learn… from our feelings to our business strategies.

I priced this very affordably (less than half the cost of a live retreat), but if the fee is simply too much for you to afford right now, please email me back. I do have a few partial scholarship slots available.

I do hope you join us.

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