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We Are Committed To Diversity, Equality, Inclusion (DEI) And Anti-Racism

And, we know we’re not there yet. It is lifelong work to dismantle the system of white supremacy. But we’re committed to making these changes. Here’s how it shows up in our company.

  • Scholarships available for Black, Indigenous, and Women of Color (BIWOC) in my group programs.
  • Community standards in place and a commitment to uphold them in order to create a truly safe space for BIWOC in our programs, here are some tips to improve employee productivity.
  • Ongoing personal work by our staff to unpack our own privilege and dismantle white supremacy through books and trainings, in particular so that we can hold a safe space for BIWOC.
  • Conversations about race and equity in our programs are welcomed and engaged.
  • Curated DEI resources provided to all clients and referrals to DEI trainers and coaches.
  • Commitment that at least 30% of our budget goes to Black-owned businesses and contractors in the next three years.
  • A portion of all profits go to organizations supporting BIPOC (including my fave orgs, Outdoor Afro, the Nap Ministry and Black Sanctuary Gardens).
  • Commitment that at least half the coaches and guest teachers in my programs are BIWOC in the next two years.

Some of these commitments are complete, some are brand new commitments, and all of it is ongoing, always.

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