Feeling Stretched Thin? Check Your Biz Boundaries.

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These programs will support you to step more fully into your leadership while creating, revamping and growing high-touch, transformational group programs — without over-giving or undercharging.

Ultimately, our goal is to help you build a business where half to all of your revenues come from leveraged group programs rooted squarely in your genius zone.

You understand the power of group work, it’s time to make it work for your business

If you’re ready to dive in, here are 3 ways to join me. 


Group Magic Accelerator


In this 7-week high-touch group program, expert coaches + healers in the 50-100K revenue range will synthesize your most powerful work into a 3-day to 3-month intimate, transformational group program — without over-giving or undercharging. You’ll test your program concept and messaging with your newly refined, next-level audience and even enroll the first few folks during the program using our Low Key Launch method. This program runs 2-3 times/year and leads directly into the Transformational Group Leaders Mastermind.

Transformational Group Leaders Mastermind


If you’ve gone through GMA and want to build out your group-centered “Burnout-free Business model,” and earn 50-100% of your revenues from highly leveraged group programs, this high-level group is for you. You’ll learn to message so effectively you’ll shave hours off your marketing time and avoid complicated & costly launches, funnels, and ads. Plus you’ll cultivate the mindset to step fully into your role as leader. Julie is joined by mindset + inclusivity coaches in this program. We start in early 2022.

Private Coaching


My 6-month, high-touch customized program for entrepreneurs earning ~100K+ in revenues, working with a small team and/or a business partner. I’ll help you take a big step back to get deeply aligned, strategic and streamlined in how your manage your biz so you can finally start to relax into your success and grow your business more sustainably. COMING SOON.

Private Coaching


In this highly customized 3-month coaching engagement, Julie works with experienced group leaders earning ~100K who are ready to grow, fill, and deliver their groups with more ease by through simplifying their business model, refining or revamping their group programs + messaging, replacing complicated or expensive marketing strategies with Low Key Launches, increasing their prices, and better leveraging their time and team. There are 1-2 spots available per quarter.