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Is it finally time?

Claim your expertise, leadership, and set yourself apart as the trusted expert in your field through powerfully held, high-touch group programs that are worth the higher fees you’re ready to charge.

This method requires just two key things to have your most ideal clients more easily enroll in your programs, RECEIVE the truly transformational shifts they came to you for, and then sign up for even deeper work with you:


A Tangible Result that they really, truly, actually want (we spend some time figuring this out)


A Connective Container™ that supports the achievement of that result

The Connective Container has 4 elements:

  • Core Purpose Clarity: Claiming the most aligned and qualified client for your program, a specific outcome that’s a true game-changer for them, and messaging that’s been tested to make sure your favorite clients say YES.

  • Culture: Establishing the norms, agreements, clarity of process, shared purpose, and values that empower people to share and receive support, tie your group together, and give it its own special vibe and sense of belonging.


  • Community: Celebrating the humanity of each group member, allowing them to show up with all their identities, experiences, messiness, and celebrations, and weaving a web that supports exponential synergies to arise in service of deeper transformation.


  • Curriculum/Content: Designing a high-touch learning journey that doesn’t stress you OR your clients out because it’s simple, clear, spacious, anticipates where folks get stuck, and moves your clients in a unique and supportive way toward a result they care about. 

These threads are woven into a "happy medium" style group...

…Somewhere between a lower-end $97 info product that requires a big audience and funnels — and a 25K+, yearlong coaching program that you may not feel ready yet to sell or simply don’t want to. 

A Group Magic style group or retreat is generally: 

    • ~5-18 people, high-touch, everyone’s questions get answered, leader is very present
    • ~3 days to 3 months long, and is a masterful signature program you might lead 2-3x/year
    • Typically a ~$1200 to $5000 investment 
    • Designed to naturally flow into a specific, next level offering (private or group) 
    • Structured so it’s both high impact for clients + easy & fun for you to deliver (especially over time)
    • Filled with a small list, as long as you’re maintaining + nurturing it (500-1000 people can do it) 
    • Simple enough to pull off without a big team


If you’re ready to dive in, here are 4 ways to join me.


If you’re ready to dive in, here are 3 ways to join me.


Group Magic Accelerator


Expert coaches/heales at 50-100K+ revenues – In this 12-week program, you’ll synthesize your most powerful work into an intimate, transformational group program or retreat — without over-giving or undercharging. You’ll test your program concept + messaging with your newly refined, next-level audience, create a Connective Container that fosters real transformation, map out your whole curriculum, and even pre-sell a few spots (if you want). For new and experienced group leaders.

Next round TBA.

Group Program Design Session


One-on-one strategic advice + thought partnership to design or upgrade your next dream program or retreat – Bring me your visionary, brilliant, half-formed program ideas– and we’ll turn them into clear concepts, plans, and action steps to get your transformational group program or retreat launched (or re-launched) into the world. An excellent way to get a ton of clarity on your group program path and to see if we’re a great fit for a deeper dive.

Limited spots per month ($333). Download the deets.

Private Consulting


Experienced group leaders – 3 months of fully customized done-with-you consulting to elevate your existing group program or retreat (or design your next-level program) for better client results and repeat clients through exquisite container-setting, culture + community-building, curriculum up-levels, and/or hiring a small team to welcome more people into your program. Re-position your programs to sell more easily, build out your natural flow of group programs, and raise your rates in full integrity.

Limited spots per quarter (5K). Download the deets.

Festivals, Conferences, Gatherings


Visionaries, Organizers, Leaders + Changemakers – I consult with organizations, movements, and businesses to level up or craft larger-scale experiences that massively increase connection, meaning, impact, and fun by creating a Connective Container.™ We can envision, strategize, and/or fully map out a powerful community-based event from the bird’s eye view to the juicy details.

This work is proposal based. Contact me to schedule a free consultation to see how I can support you, or simply book a Design Session above.


Ready to get started?

I know you’ve seen the power of a group program done well.

And I also know you can’t sustain yourself doing 1-1 work forever (or maybe you just don’t want to)…

So forget the old “guru” model and false authority crap. Instead of positioning yourself as the untouchable leader and pre-determining all your content in advance, you’ll learn to respond and relate to your group members in real time—leaving space for the magic that swirls inside the core of your community to bubble up to the surface.

You’ll lead from the inside, witnessing and facilitating the power of connection, and channeling that power into big results for BOTH your community members AND yourself.  

(And hey, guess what? That’s the kind of group program that keeps people coming back.)

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