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We are creatures of connection.

We grow, heal, and transform together.
We rely on each other to thrive.
And we were not built to go it alone.


Connection & community — and the deep transformation they support — are the foundational, driving principles behind an effective group coaching program.

It’s also the reason group programs are SO valuable.

Or at least… it should be. 

Unfortunately, capitalism and the patriarchy have co-opted this innate human instinct to gather in groups and distorted it into a way to make piles of money (often at the expense of the participants). 


But most of the time? That’s a straight-up myth. The group programs they’re talking about almost almost always involve more work, and generally function by either:

  • Creating a $97 intro offer, attempting to sell it to a gazillion people, and attaching it to several upsells (where the REAL value lives) while “serving” checked-out, non-committal clients who get poor (if any) results.

  • Or, arbitrarily jacking prices on a high-ticket group program and filling it with 30, 50, even 100 folks—while increasingly sacrificing quality, connection, and most importantly, results. 

Hustle Culture says focus on quantity & growth over quality & connection— which means the work is *never* done. Must. Keep. Scaling!

And group programs are pitched as the easiest way to make more money in less time and “leverage” your existing intellectual property–no matter your level of experience.

 The “leader” is barely accessible inside these types of programs, and their design directly conflicts with what makes groups successful—the ability for members to connect and support each other’s growth.

Plus, both models can be a recipe for burnout, requiring massive amounts of work & resources (a team, a big list, paid ads, sophisticated funnels, community management, etc.) and, they actually stop folks from signing up for your other group programs–because of their disappointing experience or lowered expectations.

Of course there is another way… 

Enter: Group Magic

A revolutionary method for high-achieving, seasoned coaches & healers who are ready to fully claim their gifts, step into their role as leader, and create epic, transformational group programs that can bring in the vast majority of their income

Group Magic is a brand new (or very old, depending on your understanding of the human need for connection & community) paradigm for building & maintaining truly transformational group coaching programs.

Imagine creating an intimate, powerfully facilitated group program rooted deeply in your natural gifts — that’s worth the higher fees you’re ready to charge.

Imagine a community rooted in the GOODNESS of groups, not the capitalist compulsion to scale at all costs. A community built on compassion for yourself AND your members; a community that views its members as human beings instead of points in a conversion spreadsheet.

Imagine channeling connectedness and our basic nature as social creatures to help foster the kinds of results that folks need to make truly meaningful changes in their lives — and ultimately, in the world. 

Imagine turning away from the bro marketing, “guru” model and stepping into authentic, natural, embodied, leadership — sitting at the center of a circle that you lead, but also hold.

Imagine being in community with other entrepreneurs looking for alternatives to the status-quo group structure; actively working to build a financially healthy business without sacrificing their values & principles — and supporting you to do the same.

Imagine doing all of this…

…and still having time to f*ck shit up. 

Speaking of having a life... hi,
I’m Julie!

And I don’t give a s$#* about making a million dollars a year, writing a book, or having a zillion followers on Instagram. 

I care much more about lazy Sundays with no plans, plenty of time (and money) for travel and adventures, and lots of QT with my family and friends.

Plus, I’ve been around the burnout block a few times and I am officially Over. It. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love money (three planets in Capricorn, baby) and the expensive paleo snacks it buys me at Whole Foods. 

But with a chronic illness and one incredible daughter whose childhood I refuse to miss?

I am simply unwilling to hustle. And I don’t need to exponentially scale. 


But with all this online noise swirling around, that means I’ve had to stay firmly rooted in a single belief— That it IS possible to meet my financial goals in *my* way, and on *my* time…

… with a simple AF business model and a small team to make it all go. 

After a lifetime of gathering people in various forms—from Burning Man camps & business strategy retreats to spiritual festivals and social change workshops—not to mention toddler birthday parties…

Plus 8+ years of business coaching in both group and private formats…

I am convinced that group coaching & healing programs are actually more effective (AND more enjoyable) than one-on-one work.

And, when you unplug from the capitalist, patriarchal systems that destroy the integrity of group structures, and embrace the Group Magic method instead—

Group programs can also support YOU (over time) in making more money in less time. Fridays off at a minimum.

Because what I’ve found is that when I’m operating from my gifts, and I’m focused and efficient in my business model, my income grows WITHOUT me putting in more time.

Does it maybe take longer than the shiny internet voices would have you believe? Yep.

Is it more sustainable? Hell yes. 

Do I have more fun and like my life better? Yes again!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having big money goals and visions—when good people with good values earn more money, we can change the world.

It’s just not worth burning out—or missing out—in service of those goals.


  • Credentialed Plant Geek (Bachelor of Science from the University of Michigan’s School of Natural Resources).

  • Coaching certification from the Coaches Training Institute (2013).

  • 10 years as a professional advocate, organizer, media spokesperson, and activist in Washington, DC and San Francisco working on issues from toxic waste cleanup to protecting rainforests and Indigenous rights.

  • One year public relations for social change groups like Moveon.org and organizing political rock concerts.

  • 7 years as co-founder and co-Executive Director and Festival Manager of Wilderness Torah, a nonprofit organization dedicated to reconnecting Judaism to its ancient earth-based roots (+8 years on the board).

  • 40+ major community festivals + intimate retreats designed and facilitated to bring people into connection with themselves, one another and the earth.

  • Participation in loads of cool trainings, programs and certifications including, Working Toward Woke, the Ecology of Leadership, the Art of Mentoring, the Women’s Wilderness Skills Immersion (I learned how to tan sheep hides and make acorn food!), a Wilderness Quest, the Racial Justice Leadership Institute, Yoga Teacher Certification, the Rockwood Leadership Institute, and Essential Facilitation at the Interaction Institute for Social Change.

  • Hiker, professional hot tub soaker, yogi, amateur watercolorist, traveler, crafter, and plant lover living with her partner + daughter in beautiful Bend, Oregon.

And finally, my deep thanks to the teachers and organizations who have so deeply influenced me that their teachings are woven inextricably into my work: Lynne Twist (Soul of Money), Jon Young (8 Shields Institute), Tad Hargrave (Marketing for Hippies), Elizabeth Purvis (7 Figure Goddess), Mike Bodkin & Renee Sweezey (Rites of Passage), Trudi Lebron (Equity Centered Coaching), Weeze Doran (According to Weeze), Tricia Hersey (the Nap Bishop) and Adrienne Marie Brown (Emergent Strategy).

And by the way

Let’s be clear about what leadership really means around here.

Because it doesn’t matter  if you want to speak on stages or reach millions of people–or not.

Everyone has the capacity to be a leader in their own life and work, whether that work is on a global scale, or whether you’re leading 10 souls on a transformational journey. 

To me, leadership means clarifying and claiming your greatest gifts and stepping into leadership by offering those gifts to others through your good work. 

I believe this is what we’re here to do. And in doing so, we do our part to change our culture and change the world, person by person. And slowly, we create a world village of humans who are all giving and receiving their innate gifts to one another. 

We redefine leadership to be adaptive, emergent, and responsive. To lead in a circle with humility and transparency, rather than with false authority or having to “know it all” or plan everything in advance. We value finding the right balance of structure and intuition as leaders. 

And finally, we dismantle white supremacy through our leadership by rejecting perfectionism, professionalism, and hustle culture, and embracing the essential and evolutionary messiness of business and life.  

This is where coaches and healers become teachers and leaders.

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