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What Really Pisses You Off?

Here’s my bet:

You have a critique of the status quo.

There’s something happening in society that you don’t totally agree with (not hard these days).

And there’s also something in your industry that you probably think is pretty messed up.

Right? Think about it.

There’s a WRONG you want to RIGHT.

There are widespread myths that must be dispelled.

There’s a way that people are being misguided or misled, either by society or by practitioners in your field.

And because of all this, their problems remain unsolved.

And you know there’s a better way.

And yet… are you sharing this opinion? Are you shouting it from the rooftops?

If you answered no, then I want to talk to you about this for a minute…

It’s entirely natural to fear sharing your point of view with the world.

I mean, what if people disagree? Make fun of you? Walk away and go work with someone else?

Well, you’re right. All of that could happen.

What I’m arguing is that it SHOULD happen.

You need to share a powerful critique and your view on how to solve it. You need to polarize and separate the wheat from the chaff.

When you speak your message powerfully, you will create resonance with some people, and dissonance with other. THAT’S polarization.

And like I said, you want this, because the people who agree with you will come FLOCKING toward you.

And yes, the people who don’t will walk away. Expect some unsubscribes.

But you don’t need the people who don’t agree with you, anyways, right?

So stop it with this boring, vanilla marketing copy that doesn’t really say what you think. That doesn’t attract anyone.

Be bold with your message, and watch your ideal clients come gather around your fire.

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