Feeling Stretched Thin? Check Your Biz Boundaries.

Why Your Business Grows Faster With Community

I don’t think most solo entrepreneurs realize what it’s really like to have biz sisters (aka, business colleagues you can call and count on when things get hard).

We tend to prioritize our investments in learning skills, coaching, or an assistant (these are all great things to invest in), but rarely do people consider the value of investing in community.

I mean, it is pretty hard to quantify.

But here’s what it’s like:

1. You’re feeling bummed about not signing up a particular client (or 2 or 3) and you really need to vent/cry/complain to someone who understands where you’re coming from. You call up your biz sister and not only do you get an ear, you also get love, compassion and some good advice for your next sales call to boot.

2. You’ve got a strategy question that’s keeping you up at night… how do you design and price this program? You pop into your Facebook group, explain the scenario (though people are already pretty up to speed on your business), and you get multiple perspectives, opinions and advice from people who have been in a similar place. You finally move forward.

3. Two people showed up at your event. You feel like a failure. But you know your biz sisters will be totally nonjudgmental (hey we’ve all been there!) and supportive, so you share about it on a group call, and you walk away feeling empowered and ready for your next steps.

4. You’re lonely and feel cooped up in your home office. You go online and see if anyone wants to co-work. Bingo! Office mates!

Not to mention, there’s just the MAGIC that occurs when women gather with intention. When we get to give and receive.

“I feel so grateful that I have joined and given myself the gift of a bright, intelligent, kind, resourceful group of kick-ass women business owners, who support me in growing my business in a holistic, integrative, thoughtful way. I respect and trust Julie and the other women’s powerful insights, business savvy, and truly thoughtful way of moving in the world. I love feeling their support around me, both in our online interactions and in person meet-ups. The best is the impact I am seeing on my business, a deeper sophistication in marketing, business systems, thinking like a CEO, and knowing when a Q comes up, I always have a resource to troubleshoot or strategize. The best!” ~Erica

And breakthroughs happen that never would have while you were sitting alone at your computer.

Community isn’t a special treat you give yourself after you make a certain amount of money.

We need community from the very beginning in order to thrive.

Make this a priority: Craft your business ecosystem… find those people who you can call and count on and weave them into your web.

They will be a BIG part of your success when you look back.

In fact, statistics actually show that business owners in a peer group grow their businesses 2.2 times faster than those who go it alone. They also weather the bad times better with peer support.

Successful entrepreneurs get support. Say it out loud!

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