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It’s been a hard week. I was on vacation and had just assumed we’d be celebrating our first woman president on November 8, but instead we were in shock. And then freaking out. And then grieving. And freaking out. And it goes on.

Days later, I’m finally starting to see the bigger picture here. They say it is darkest before the light. And yet, my heart is in pieces over the real people who are already being hurt by this turn of events, and those who will be. And they will be many.

And, I am starting to see this as one chapter in the larger story, the chapter where everything comes to light, in plain view, so that we can no longer be fooled by what is hiding underneath a layer of civility, but have the real opportunity to see so clearly that which is destroying us, why it happened, what must change, and how we might come together to actually do it. And what must naturally die so something new can be reborn.

I am inspired by the way this election has galvanized people, and while I could easily go down the fear wormhole (and I have many times), I am trying to see this as one battle in a larger fight for what is ultimately right, while I do my part to be vigilant and create a better world.

So I am asking myself the question, what can I do as a business owner to help create that better world?

First off, I so fully believe that when we are on our path, living our purpose, and offering our unique gifts to the world, we are making the world a better place. 

And if we are supported financially to do that work, we can sustainably support other humans and organizations to be their healthiest, most joyful, successful, alive, aligned selves: people who are rooted and can then serve even more people.

So thank you for already playing your part. And I will continue to play mine with honor and joy.

And, there is something more we can do.

In these times, we must also take a clear stand for the way we do business. We as business owners get to set an example of what a sustainable, conscious, generous and successful business looks and acts like, a business that is not here simply to exploit people or the earth, or make money at any cost.

So how can we root ourselves even more deeply in the values we want to see in the world?

Can we take a hard look at our own unconscious racial and gender biases in an effort to truly be more inclusive? Can we treat people with dignity and kindness and confront those who don’t? Can we use products and services that don’t harm people or the earth? Can we donate time or money where it is needed?

These are the questions I am asking.

What do you stand for as a business owner? What can you do in your small way to create a world from the ground up that we want to live in?

Let us join and create networks of conscious businesses, and create an ecology of businesses with shared values so that we can better support each other, our clients, and the world.

I would love to hear from you.

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