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Based on the emails collecting dust in my inbox right now, it seems like the *perfect* moment to send you a message telling you exactly how you can “manifest your most epic year yet, and plus, I’ll show you the ‘exact steps’ to get there!”

Except, that’s not what this blog post is about.

Because what if that’s not what you’re going for?

What if this year is all about putting self-care and nature time FIRST (like it is for me!)?

Or what if it’s all about streamlining and systematizing your business so you can work less, and enjoy it more?

Or maybe it IS about earning more money, getting more clients, and creating a sustainable, tips to track finances successful business.

And it could even be about making a huge impact on a lot of people while making the world a way better place.


But… I want you to know one thing: 2017 does NOT have to be big, or mind blowing, or epic… #*&$ that!

It has to be about what YOU want this year: Whether that’s global impact or more time with your family. 

What’s it not about is what other people want. It’s also not about what other entrepreneurs are doing in their businesses. And it’s not about what the business gurus tell you it should be about.

What does success look like for YOU this year?

  • Maybe it means taking better care of yourself; working less, not more.
  • Maybe it means creating a circle of support for your business.
  • Maybe it means getting more focused and efficient with your time.
  • Maybe it means getting clear on your perfect clients and letting go of the ones you don’t enjoy.
  • Maybe it means putting your first group program out there or your first retreat.
  • Maybe it means really learning what it means to be a savvy business person and getting your finances in order by using your tax tools to take care of your business.

I just want you to know that you have full permission to be as epic or not epic as you want. And I will support you either way.

Because I’m more interested in you doing what feels right for you this year. 

And I’m definitely not interested in this belief that we all need to be doing the most amazing, epic things ever or we’re not worth anything.

I would love to help you make 2017 what you want it to be for your business and your life.

Epic or not!!

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