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The Super Beta: Welcome to the Age of Experimentation

If there’s one thing that’s been really fun about running a business during a pandemic, it’s the opportunity to get super creative, and to witness the vast creativity that I’m seeing ALL over the place.

People are doing such cool shit, right?!

It’s ALWAYS been a big benefit of running your own business that you can adjust quickly and create anew. You can do what you’re called to do, do what’s most relevant, and stop doing things that aren’t working. No board has to approve your changes. No protocols. You just do it!!

So, I’m seeing many of my clients use this time as an opportunity to FINALLY create that damn online program they’ve been talking about for years. Or to take their real world program online.

One of my clients – who’d been talking about taking her yoga teaching online for a while – is now DOING IT (and, by the way, making more money at it than she was in the studio).

It was trial by fire to get all the logistics set up, but it’s working.

Here’s the thing. She was pushed to her edge, and she had to totally give up perfection to make it happen.

Hence, what I’ve been calling… the Super Beta.

I’ve always been all about beta programs, or prototypes, that first version of an offer you put out to test the waters and make sure it works before pouring everything you’ve got into it.

It’s a very natural and evolutionary approach… you put something out there, get feedback from the environment, adapt and change as needed.

But now? The beta is a necessity. New solutions are needed in the marketplace, and we need to make changes to our businesses.

So, we have to move swiftly. Which means dropping the perfectionist bullshit and not taking failure personally.

Perfection was never needed, and it sure isn’t now.

But let’s be real here for a minute… there’s ALWAYS a balance. I don’t want you:

  • Driving yourself crazy and wearing yourself out trying to produce things
  • Acting frenetic and putting a million things out there from a place of fear
  • Putting something out that’s low quality or too small and cheap to have any real impact

Let’s do this thoughtfully. First do the thoughtful work to figure out what the best possible offer is. Yes, evolution needs to happen, but there’s no need to spin out of control.

That said, people truly need your services right now. You also would like to continue earning money. And, there are new and important opportunities to serve right now.

Plus, there’s a new economy and world that needs to be built that is hopefully more creative, collaborative and equitable than the one we’ve departed from.

So do you have a new idea you’d like to test out?

Get out there and do your thing!!

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