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I just returned from a beautiful and deep five-day retreat full of wisdom from my favorite marketing and business teacher, Tad Hargrave on Cortes Island, BC – the epically beautiful place pictured here.

Zoning out under a blanket of stars one night in the hot tub (I know, poor me), I began to unearth the biggest gift of my week there…

It was a deeper understanding of the “why” behind my work.

…Why I care so much about helping people grow businesses that are vehicles for their natural gifts, and doing it in a way that is focused, sane, and guided by nature.

So here it is…

I believe our society’s addiction to productivity not only hurts each of us individually, but is also destroying the planet.

So how does that all add up to being a business coach?

Our tendency toward more, better, faster, forgetting to stop and take breaks, and the internal self-judgment that occurs when we don’t feel as though we have done enough, all contribute to a world full of unsatisfied, exhausted, and disconnected people.

And, it also has a profound impact on society and the planet. As we move ever more quickly, in constant productivity mode, subscribing to the “more is better” myth, we thoughtlessly consume more, become less connected to ourselves, other people and the earth, and more easily “other” the beings of this planet, human and non-human alike.

This disconnection results in the unintentional destruction of our relationships and our planet.

We must slow down. We must acknowledge that we are human creatures of the earth. We have active phases and resting phases. And we need both not only to survive, but to fully experience the myriad facets of life, the blissful and the difficult.

If we run too fast to see, then how will we come to know our deepest gifts, our purpose in the world? It is when each of us offers our gifts in service to the world, that the world becomes a better place to live.

And if you offer those gifts in a way that is personally sustainable, you’ll have the energy to continuegiving those gifts, instead of burning out.

My hope for us all is that we can slow down, reconnect to the natural cycles, and build fulfilling and purposeful lives and work from that place. I hope you can give yourself the space to connect deeply with who you are and what you’re here to do. And I hope to help many of you to create a business that is a vehicle for your gifts in a way that feels natural to you and unique to your path. 

And just to be clear… I’m not saying we will never work hard. As they say…

To everything, there is a season.

There are times we will work our butts off. And there are times we will rest…

The Natural Business Cycle: Applying it to Our Lives

This retreat offered me a moment to pause in the darker, quieter, more reflective stages of the Natural Business Cycle. You can follow the graphic here…

During this week, I Nourished myself and my business through deep learning and the formulation of my philosophy and system.

I had time in the Dormacy stage to rest and re-charge, and I had time to Seed new vision about what the next pass around the wheel will look like for my business and me.

I return home in a very Rootsy stage… ready to take all of the new ideas and integrate them into the structure of my business, so that the next iteration of my business becomes even more aligned with my purpose.

It’s a lot of work, but it’s important.

The more we clarify what we are offering, to whom, how, and maybe most importantly – why – the more we will come to do our right work, with our right clients, in a way that feels so natural we could cry with joy.

I’m aiming for that, and I hope to support you in that journey as well.

Where are you currently focused on the wheel? What stage requires some more (or less) attention from you? (To learn more about the five principles and eight stages of the Natural Business Cycle, go here).

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