Feeling Stretched Thin? Check Your Biz Boundaries.


Happy New Year! I am writing this on New Year’s Day… waking up feeling a new wave of inspiration in my business that I am grateful for.

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be guided by a mentor on a beautiful process in nature to uncover how to create what I want for my business in 2018. 

I already knew my intentions were more simplicity and ease in my business… the question was… how??

And it came to me. In such a moment of obvious clarity. Standing there in front of a circle of redwoods, a redwood family if you will…

You know how redwoods grow, right?

Well if not, here’s how it works…

Even if they are cut down or fall, redwoods have the ability to grow new trees from their stumps, because their root systems stay alive. This means that when you see a circle or cluster of redwoods (which you’ll now notice if you never have before), they are surrounding what used to be a larger “parent” tree. In essence, they are a family, rooted and intertwined together, standing tall.

So what was my big wisdom-drop from nature? My magic word of the year?

You guessed it: COLLABORATION.

Yes, 2018, the year of collaboration: In my own business and for my clients.

Because collaboration is how we’re going to make this all work, folks. It’s not going to be by going it alone. It’s not going to be by trying to figure everything out ourselves, and it’s certainly not going to be by doing everything ourselves. Life is complex, a business has a lot of moving parts, things are always changing, and shit can get scary and vulnerable.

You can’t solve all your own problems. I can’t solve all your problems. (I mean really no one can solve all your problems).

But I think we get a lot closer by creating an intentional network of support around us. And at the very least, we get compassion and support and some fantastic advice. 

Because you know my biggest learning from this past year? Having business sisters, mastermind buddies, colleagues and mentors is the ONLY way to make this all work. Going it alone, or even going it alone plus a coach, most often isn’t enough. (Plus it’s much less fun).

So interestingly, months prior to this epiphany in the woods, I had already been brewing up a new idea for a year-round community of nature-loving, women business owners to come together outdoors on a seasonal basis to:

  • Listen to what the wisdom of the earth has to tell us about our lives and businesses
  • Step off the productivity hamster wheel and spend time in nature on the big picture vision, alignment and goals in our businesses
  • Find more ease, efficiency and enjoyment in our businesses
  • Commit to the radical act of self-care everyday
  • And most importantly, to weave a web of collaboration and support, a circle of powerful women business owners who can lean on one another to help make this all possible (because all of the above happens SO MUCH MORE EASILY in community)

And that day in the woods, the name of this group became abundantly clear: The Redwood Circle. Of course! (I’d been struggling with it for months).

It’s not open quite yet, but stay tuned, I’ll be officially starting registration for it after the Replenish Retreat is over at the end of the month (first things first).

Plus, it’s going to be more than just seasonal gatherings and it’s going to be really affordable. And it will involve special guest teachers because I am creating this as a collaboration as well. But you’ll have to wait to see the whole thing (aka, I’m still figuring out the details ;).

You’re also welcome to join us for Replenish from January 26-29 in Sonoma County if you want to do it live with a hot tub and amazing women.

There are just two spots left. And Replenish attendees are going to get a crazy deal on the Redwood Circle, if that’s any incentive for you.