Feeling Stretched Thin? Check Your Biz Boundaries.

Is Your Biz Leaking Time, Energy & Money?


If you’re like many of the coaches, consultants and healers I meet, when it comes to marketing, you fall somewhere on the spectrum between mild distaste and subconscious avoidance on the one hand, and total loathing and outright denial on the other.

Am I right?

So why is this SO common?

Well, I’ve got some thoughts. And they’re important to share, because marketing is like oxygen for your business, like the sap flowing through a tree… Your business needs marketing to thrive.

So here it is, the top four reasons you hate marketing (and what to do about it):

1.  Most Marketing is Totally Gross.

What? You don’t like fluorescent green blinking “buy” buttons and condescending copy that prays on your fears? You don’t want to add your voice to the cacophony of crap on Facebook?

What’s wrong with you?

Honestly though, there is so much sleazy marketing out there, no wonder you don’t want to be a part of it.

I think it’s a sign of your integrity, actually.

You shouldn’t want to be a part of that. I certainly don’t.

But here’s the thing: there’s nothing inherently sleazy about marketing.

Webster’s definition of marketing:

“the activities that are involved in making people aware of a company’s products”

That’s it! And if you don’t make them aware, they will never know you exist, and you won’t be able to offer your gifts to the world, and all those people who could benefit from your offering won’t be able to.

Sad-face 🙁

So here’s the big shift, and this one is all about your mindset:

Go from selling to sharing. 

Let your marketing be the sunlight that shines on your gifts so that people can see them and be served.
Your gifts need to get out there. You just need to find a way to talk about what you do in a way that feels natural to you (and this is totally possible, see #2!).

I promise you, you don’t have to use icky sales and marketing tactics to have a successful business. I am proof of this.

2.  There’s a Disruption in the Clarity-Courage Connection

When you’re not clear on what you do, it’s awkward to talk about it, and so you don’t (and you don’t know what to write on your website, either).

I posit that most people don’t like marketing because they don’t have the right words to say about their business. The reason they don’t have the right words to say is because they are not clear on exactly what their business is and does, what I call the Roots of Business:

  • Your niche (what you do and who you do it for)
  • Your message  (what you stand for)
  • Your unique way of doing your work (your methodology)
  • Your offer (what you actually sell)

I further posit (what a great word!) that when you are clear about these foundational things, and you have the words to explain it, you gain more courage to go out and tell people about it (aka, marketing).

That’s the Clarity-Courage Connection. If you’re not clear, courage goes way down. When clarity is high, courage increases. Over time, this leads to more confidence and success in your business.

3.  You’re Stuck in a Story

We ALL have those thoughts that run through our heads, seeds planted in our minds long ago that have managed to germinate and grow like an invasive species…

Who am I to do this? What if this totally failsI can’t do this. She’s so much better at it than me. What if people see me? What if no one likes my offering? What if no one comes? 

You’re not alone if you have stories about not being worthy or have a fear of being seen. You’re also normal if you feel scared on a regular basis in your business. This is vulnerable shit!!

The problem is when you let these stories take you down, when the tendrils of these invasive species keep you strangled to the point that you simply can’t put yourself and your business out there.

So start to notice these stories (slowly but surely), and plant something more positive in their place (My gifts are important and people need them!). And keep moving forward, even if you’re scared. The stories may never go away (it takes a lot of maintenance to keep invasive species under control!), but you don’t have to let them stop you.

(Now, if you’ve been stuck consistently for a long time, and it’s totally stopping you from getting your work out into the world, find a healer, therapist, energy worker, or whomever to help you clear or shift the story. Because when that invasive species has taken over, you will be hard-pressed to find freedom and success in your business).

4. You are Throwing Marketing Spaghetti at the Wall (AKA No Marketing Plan)

Marketing spaghetti can work to a point, but it’s only going to get you so far (read: so many clients), AND it will likely run you into the ground.

Most people are using multiple marketing strategies not very well. They try something once, it doesn’t seem to work great, and then they ditch it or add on something else. Each time, they are creating new copy, learning a new strategy, and taking lots of time to implement it. And because of all the stuff above that I’ve written about, it doesn’t even feel good.

Or, they are doing something somewhat consistently, but don’t actually know if it’s working (hint, to know if a marketing strategy is working, you have to track where your clients hear about you).

Let’s try this instead:

Create a Marketing Machine. 

I know, I know, doesn’t sound very natural, coming from the nature business coach. But hear me out.

Marketing does not have to be so emotional. Marketing should be like any other system in your business, effective and ease-inducing. 

My personal marketing choice… Teach an intro class or webinar that you can do over and over and over. Yes, the same darn class. Over and over. It takes time, energy and strategy to create it the first time, but after that it’s just tweak and repeat. Eventually, you’ll have a class you can bust out anytime you need clients and you can use it to get in front of new audiences (like teaching it for a colleague’s following).

Commit to one strategy, track it to see if it’s working, get good at it, and do it over and over.

THEN layer another one on, once the first one is running smoothly.

Work through these 4 issues, and there’s a good chance you’ll find a lot more ease, enjoyment and success in your marketing.

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