Feeling Stretched Thin? Check Your Biz Boundaries.

We’re Not Getting Any Friggin’ Younger

Yesterday was my birthday, and here’s what’s on my mind:

I could be halfway through my life right now at 43.

There are things I’ve wanted my whole life. Some things I have explicitly hoped and prayed for, and/or planned and manifested.

Other things I’ve just assumed would happen without giving it much thought.

Many of these things have come to pass, and I feel SO grateful and fortunate for my life, abundant with dear family and friends, and work I love that provides us a very good life.

And, some things haven’t happened yet. Especially the ones that I hadn’t made explicit until some recent visioning (tip: envisioning what you want is powerful!).

  • A beautiful home in a quiet place near nature with extra space for visitors
  • Lots of extra time and money to travel
  • Spacious days to craft and create (I want to MAKE all of my birthday and holiday gifts for people)
  • The ability to whisk my friends and family away on vacations and weekends away that I fund
  • A chef to cook incredible food for me that fits within my crazy dietary restrictions
  • The capacity to give way more money to the causes I care about
  • Massages twice a week (seriously, it’s my dream)
  • I generally see my life slower and more spacious
  • And I want to buy whatever $14, fancy, paleo, eco, healthy, woo-woo snack food I want to at the market without guilt (there, I said it)

Some of this stuff is material and requires money. A lot of this stuff requires more time.

Which means earning more money in fewer hours per week so that I can do all this stuff.

So I’m sitting here now, at 43, like,

“Well, GET ON IT, Julie!” (gently, of course).

These things will not come to pass unless I put my energy into them.

If I want to have the life I truly envision for myself and my family, I need to level up my business in a very intentional way. A way that will provide both more time and money for me, while providing better and better results for my clients.

And, of course, a way that will not get me burnt out in the process.

Because that would sure defeat the point.

So what will that take?

Well here’s the fascinating connection I’m making.

It’s what’s happening for me and for so many clients I’m working with right now.

There are these things we want in life.

And there are these innate gifts we have to give… that aren’t being fully utilized.

And surprise, surprise! These two things are often LINKED.

On the surface things are ok in your business. But… it’s also likely that you’re not very visible, perhaps you’re not marketing much, nor thinking too big, nor asking for quite enough. You’ve got all the credentials, modalities, wisdom and experience, but you haven’t yet FULLY stepped into your gifts and owned your role as a teacher, leader or guide.

You are mis-aligned.

And misalignment is a BIG energy drain.

So this phenomenon is not only hurting hurting us on the inside (because the gifts gotta get out!), but it’s draining our energy AND it’s also hurting us financially.

Because if you’re out of alignment and not fully operating from your strengths and gifts, it’s reasonably likely you’re either not making the kind of money you want to or if you are, you’re not enjoying it very much.

So you know what folks?

It’s time.

I know it’s not easy to weave your wisdom together and put it out there to the world. In fact, it can be incredibly edgy (What if I fail!?!)

(Not to mention, you also need a sustainable and scalable business model to make it all work – that’s another email).

But like I said: We’re not getting any younger. 

So I invite you to join me as I step more even fully into my gifts… which just so happen to be focused on helping women like you step more fully into yours.

It makes me excited just to write that. 🙂

So let’s do this. Life is short, and there are important things we want to create for ourselves, and the people and world we love.

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