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Navigating Your Business Amidst the Coronavirus

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Well friends, it looks like we’re going to have to make some adjustments.

After a whirlwind couple weeks of supporting my clients (all coaches, consultants, healers and other service-based biz owners), I know that many of you are faced with some very new and different questions in your businesses.

And they run the gamut:

I feel deeply honored to have a window into so many people’s lives right now through my work.

And, I am gathering a LOT of incredible wisdom and intel through working with these amazing, strong women business owners. Because of this, I feel very well-positioned to help you right now.

And if you are supporting other people right now, YOU need support too.

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Look, we’re in uncharted territory,

and I don’t claim to have all the answers.

But I would love to share with you the bits of wisdom I have gathered, that are helping my clients immensely.

In the free class (+ biz coaching at the end), we’ll cover:

The training runs about 75 minutes with 45 minutes of Q and A afterwards.

Join me on April 1 at 11 AM Pacific



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Julie helps high-achieving coaches, consultants and healers transform a business that drains them to a business that sustains them. She’s​ a firm believer that if we step off the obsessive productivity hamster wheel and tune into nature’s rhythms, we can grow more sustainable lives, businesses and even a better world. She’ll help you slow down, get super aligned, and create better boundaries and solid systems so you can find more ease in your business and feel nourished financially and energetically. A lifelong nature freak, she has 20 years experience turning vision into reality, plus a chronic illness and a toddler, so is a total expert in streamlining, strategizing and finding the simplest pathway forward.

She facilitates the Nourished Entrepreneur Mastermind, providing coaching online and in nature to women across the country.

April 1 at 11AM PT

Join me on April 1 at 11 AM Pacific



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