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January’s a month for BIG PLANS.

I bet you’ve made a lot of BIG PLANS in January before.

And then… March rolls around and well… what happened to those BIG PLANS? Or maybe you even lost them in February.

I could give you many tips about making a plan stick, I could tell you I’m even starting a new year-round program to help your plan stick (stay tuned, I’ll tell you about it next month), but today I’m going to give you one juicy tip.

From a nature metaphor perspective (you know I love those), we can always count on the weather changing. The atmosphere changes, the winds pick up, the temp goes down, the rain stops, the sun comes out, the wind dies down… It’s inevitable.

It’s predictable sometimes, it’s totally unpredictable at other times, but we definitely know THINGS CHANGE. And it’s the same in life.

So what does this mean for all our BIG PLANS!? Why even bother planning, if it’s going to change anyways? Why not just go with the flow and respond to the weather changes as they come?

Why don’t we ask this question instead:

How do you make BIG PLANS and not be totally attached to achieving them?

That’s truly the Paradox of Planning. And, it’s actually one of the great spiritual paradoxes…

You see, there’s this tension between intending, planning, praying, manifesting, and creating on the one hand… and adapting to the weather changes, not being attached to the outcome, surrendering, and embracing instead of resisting on the other hand.

How can these things co-exist? 

And I know for myself, as a goal-oriented January Capricorn-y kind of gal, it can be really hard for me to let go of the goals and go with the flow sometimes.

But here’s the secret. It’s not about choosing one or the other, it’s about holding them both at the same time.

One in each hand.

They’re both always true, and our job is to navigate them between them in a way that feels authentic in that moment and moves our business forward in an organic way: Setting goals and making plans while also allowing for the natural flow of life and all its twists and turns

Check out the yin yang symbol. Not only does it represent two opposites joined together, but there’s a little bit of white in the black, and a little bit of black in the white. It holds the paradox completely.

So what does this mean for our goal-setting process?

It means that plans will change. And that’s cool. 

Those BIG PLANS you write each January are so important… to find alignment, tap into what we truly want, and head in that direction.

But we can’t get too attached.

We have to return to our plans regularly, seeing them as a living document, instead of something set in stone. We have to check back in and see how the weather has changed… and how those weather changes (both the inner and the outer ones) impact our alignment, desires, visions and plans.

And be willing to adjust course where needed. (And not get pissed at ourselves when we didn’t achieve the goal and we had to change the plan). <– That’s key!!!

So then what about that question… “Why bother planning at all?”

In my book, it’s way more effective to create an aligned plan and consciously adjust it, rather than have no plan at all. With no plan, you still get that running-around-like-a-chicken-with-its-head-cut-off feeling.

But with a plan, even if you change it, you’re more tuned into what’s happening, you have more influence over the ultimate outcome, and more alignment and success in your work.

So as you go about making your BIG PLANS this month, remember to create those plans, and then hold them loosely, always adjusting to the weather changes of life.

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.” –Vivian Greene