Feeling Stretched Thin? Check Your Biz Boundaries.


If you are a nature-lovin’ woman entrepreneur who could use a break this winter to rest, reflect, realign and reactivate yourself and your business, then I hope you’ll join us at the Replenish Winter Reflection and Strategy Retreat for Women Entrepreneurs!

Top Ten Reasons to Sign Up Today for Replenish (other than the fact that there are only three spots left):

10. You’ll get to wander aimlessly in nature. Westerbeke Ranch is a gorgeous property, and our main activity on Saturday is a guided nature experience to help you step powerfully into a new era by listening to the trees, the birds and yourself. If you think I’m crazy, just trust me, you’ll have at least one major revelation.

9. You’ll get to talk about money while sitting by a cozy fireplace. At our annual fireside chat, we’ll dive deep into the emotions behind earning money, so we can clarify our “right” fees and develop strong money boundaries. Because we all know, money’s about much more than what something costs!

8. You’ll get to move your body throughout the day. We’ll take regular dance, stretch and nature breaks to make sure you have an opportunity to get in your body and integrate everything we’re doing and learning.

7. You’ll get to burn stuff in a fire. Ready to let go of some s*%#?! After a rich reflection process, where we wisdom from our victories and blunders, we’ll head outside to release what needs to be let go of into the fire. Can you say cathartic?

6. You’ll map out your year. One of the easiest ways to maintain flow and not go nuts in your business is to NOT plan a bunch of things on top of each other. Sounds simple, but it’s easier said than done. We’ll tune into ourselves and the seasons and make a plan that you can flow with.

5. You get to do arts and crafts with wine and chocolate. You’ll get to create a piece of art that represents what you are creating in 2017 so you can put it over your desk and remind yourself everyday what’s important to you. Art night! Fun, right? Bring your old magazines and glitter pens!

4. You’ll meet amazing women who will be your new colleagues. You’ll have to trust me on this one, but these are really smart, powerful women who are up to some really cool stuff. You’ll learn a lot from one another and come home with great business ideas and new colleagues.

3. You get YEAR-ROUND support! Replenish doesn’t end on Monday… you’ll stay connected with your new business friends via a Facebook group, are welcome free to all Networking in Nature events, and are invited to join the ongoing, yearlong version of Replenish, the Redwood Circle.

2. You will feel more confident when you leave. Not only will you get to share your hopes and fears with a bunch of like-minded women (and see just how normal you really are!), when you make a plan and you know what to do next, you feel more secure and more confident in your business. And more of what you want to happen, happens!

1. There will be a hot tub. I wonder sometimes if other people get as excited about this as I do, but I honestly think there’s nothing better than hot water for instant relaxation. Takes away a week of work within moments, leaving you with a calm mind, ready for new ideas to take shape…

Can you tell I’m excited for this? Can’t wait to cozy up with you this January!

Considering joining? Email me and let me know. No pressure, I am here to answer your questions and see if it’s a good fit.