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The Benefit of Procrastination

As I’ve been nearing my maternity leave, I must admit, I’ve been doing a fair amount of procrastinating.

For me, it’s easy to check off all the little items on the to-do list no problem, but it’s those bigger projects I just love to keep putting off.

I was giving myself some flak for this pattern, when I had a realization:

I am actually benefiting from procrastinating!


Well, as time slipped away, I had to get REALLY clear about what was actually most important to do, and what I could let go of.

I sat in front of my to-do list everyday in triage mode: what stays and what goes?

And I found myself showing a higher level of discernment around that big, detailed project I just HAD to do…

It turns out I did actually ultimately do that project (ok fine, I’m almost done).

But it looks different now than it did when I first envisioned it.

I said to myself, do I really have to do ALL THAT!?

The answer was no! And the project as it is now is much easier and more streamlined than the one I set out to begin.

And that’s a benefit to me.

I believe that ultimately, the procrastination helped me save time.

It helped me truly prioritize what had to get done versus what would be “nice” to get done.

So let’s hear it for Procrastination as Prioritization!

Now I hear you saying… “yeah, but sometimes, we just need to do stuff, and waiting until the last minute and staying up late and making myself crazy sucks.”

Yes, it’s true. We do just need to do stuff sometimes. (Like write all the emails you want to send to your folks throughout the summer for fear that your brain won’t work properly after you’ve had a child and you won’t be able to write them).

So how did I ultimately (almost) get it done?

Big time blocks.

At the end of the day, this is what always works best for me for big projects I tend to put off. I need to give myself an entire day (or at least a good chunk of one) with no other meetings or ways I could distract myself from the task at hand. I break up the huge project into multiple parts, and I start checking smaller items off the list.

And you know what? As soon as I dive in and get started, it’s rarely as bad as I thought it would be.

In fact, writing this blog post was really fun 😉

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