Feeling Stretched Thin? Check Your Biz Boundaries.

The 4 Vital Nutrients for a Thriving Business

Plants have vital physical needs that must be met in order to sustain life… sunlight, air, water, space to grow, soil, minerals…

Depending on their environment and what resources are available, a plant may survive, thrive and reproduce… or die.

Your business is no different. It also has vital physical needs.

And when one is lacking, it’s obvious. Like the dead yellow leaves on that house plant you forgot to water (oops!).

So what are these vital nutrients for a business?

Here’s what I’ve come up with:

1. Time Away from Your Computer (Ideally, in Nature!)

What I’m getting at here is the imperative of slowing down and escaping from the day-to-day busyness of our lives and work, to unwind, rest, and find some space. Just as plants need space to grow, it’s this spaciousness that helps us listen for and receive wisdom about our lives and businesses that we just don’t seem to get when we’re rushing around or sitting behind that screen.

In that spaciousness, and in that listening, we find renewed creativity, vision, epiphanies, and inspiration. Especially if we’ve been running on empty for a while.

And, yes, of course you can do this in other places, but (shocker) I’m partial to doing it in nature, because, well, we ARE nature, and when we step back in to reconnect, we reconnect with ourselves too. And then all sorts of magical things start to happen!

The bottom line is that you need regular, scheduled time to get up into the treetops of your business, instead of being down in the weeds.

This time is ESSENTIAL for coming into continued alignment with our business purpose and what we want for our lives so that we can flow with inspiration, be naturally productive, and actually enjoy our businesses – businesses that support the life we want to live, instead of sucking it dry.

2. Community

It is truly time to stop going it alone. It’s just not natural! A robust ecosystem that has many interconnected species is a resilient ecosystem. It can withstand storms and droughts. If one food source dries up, there is another one around the corner.

Your business is the same. The more interconnections and resources you have, the more robust web you weave, and the more support you have to create a successful business over time (cuz y’all, it takes time).

Imagine having dozens of people to reach out to… mentors, mastermind buddies, clients, service providers, referral partners, collaborators, coaches, people who will help you promote your work. When our business ecosystem is robust, we thrive.

And it’s so much more fun too.

3. A Business Strategy

Based on that aligned vision you conjured up while pondering it on a walk in the woods, what are your actual goals and how will you achieve them? What is your business model?

In other words, how will you earn the money you need to support your vision and goals? And do it in an easeful, not overly-complicated, way-too-busy or confusing way? Will you create group programs? Hire staff? Create an online program? Refine your 1-1 work? Train other people to teach your work?

What do you offer specifically and how does it all fit together for your ideal clients? What’s your unique angle on it? What’s realistic for you to actually accomplish right now in your life and business? And how do you do this in a way that actually supports the life YOU want… what works for YOU (and not anyone else out there you might be comparing yourself to).

Designing your authentic, natural and strategic model for your business is key to your long-term success (and sanity).

4. Solid Systems

Finally, systems – the nuts and bolts of streamlining your business. It might not be the sexiest part, but if you want to work less and play in the woods more, it’s all about systems (I actually do think that’s kind of sexy).

And we can all use better systems… from keeping your books organized, to managing your out-of-control inbox, to the legal and tax stuff and hiring an assistant (yep, it’s really possible).

Systems and structures create FREEDOM. Just like the banks of a river, the right amount of systems guide the flow of your work and free up valuable time and space for you to do what you like. Imagine finding a few more hours in your week.

What would you do with it?!

How healthy is your biz?

I’m guessing you’ve got at least some of these pieces in place, but if you need help with this stuff, it’s OK. Most of us do.

And you know what? That’s why I created the Redwood Circle.

I don’t think elaborate, expensive, one-size fits all group coaching programs work for most folks, and sometimes, private coaching isn’t what you need.

Instead, we bring together these 4 Vital Nutrients into one rockin’ entrepreneur community for women that’s surprisingly affordable and rich with benefits.

So if you’re a coach, consultant, holistic practitioner-type with an established business (meaning you’ve got clients and money coming in), I would love for you to join us.

We bring in all the necessary nutrients through:

    • The lovely, luxurious, annual Replenish Winter Reflection and Strategy Retreat for Women Entrepreneurs in Sonoma County
    • 3 seasonal daylong retreats (spring, summer, fall) in the Oakland redwoods (like mini-retreats to hit the re-set button and strategize each quarter)
    • Business strategy masterminds in person and on Zoom
    • Classes & coaching in business strategy and systems from me + awesome guest teachers
    • A growing group of inspiring women entrepreneurs… find support, company, collaborative partners, referrals, and generally biz sisterhood

If this piques your interest, check out the details of the program, and then sign up for a free consultation here.

This is a totally no-pressure call – we just want to make sure it’s good fit for you and for the group.