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There’s probably been a few times you’ve joined someone’s email list only to be barraged the next day by emails coming from other coaches or teachers to buy their new program.

While in one way it’s simply a digital version of building allies and networking, it can become pretty annoying when it feels like you are getting sold stuff all the time, especially if you don’t know either of the people very well (or at all). Or if you’re getting the exact same form letter from multiple lists that you are on. It’s not a bad thing inherently, but it does make you wonder what people’s motivation is for doing this.

Well, you know me (or you’re getting to know me), I’m all about connecting, and partnerships and cooperation. It’s just how I roll. I promote other people’s stuff because I truly love helping people offer their gifts to the world, and I have lots of connections so I like to put them to use for people. I’ve been doing this my whole life (and no one’s ever paid me for it).

It seriously gives me great pleasure to build bridges between people who can help one another. Like I get giggly and stuff when the right people find each other.  

And now that I’m a business coach, there are opportunities to help spread the word about other people’s programs that I also get paid for if the people I send it to sign up (that’s what affiliate marketing is for those of you who don’t know).

So in theory, I love this idea:

  1. I promote people I love who are offering really cool stuff that could help you (because God knows I can’t help you with everything).
  2. If it’s your thing, you get exactly what you need, hopefully at great benefit to you.
  3. I get paid for letting you know (usually a percentage of the cost of the program).

So I’m going to participate. But I’m only going to do it under certain circumstances, and I wanted to share them here with you.

  1. I know the person and trust their work. Either I have direct experience learning from them, or I have worked with them as a colleague, or they are my client (that said, I will never claim that something is perfect for you, obviously you need to use your own judgment).
  2. I deem it relevant to a good portion of the people on my list. Of course not everything will be for everyone, that’s impossible. But I will not send online Spanish lessons to my list of purposeful entrepreneurs.
  3. I will let you know that it is an affiliate program. I will be transparent about the fact that I earn money if you purchase the program (and of course, you can always purchase the program directly from their webpage if you wish).
  4. I won’t do it very often. This flows from the fact that I’ll only do it if I know and trust the person,  and that I’m picky about quality.
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