Feeling Stretched Thin? Check Your Biz Boundaries.

Solo hot tub anyone? You deserve some treats after this bananas year

Want to know my raison d’etre? I LOVE helping women create the space to slow down and nourish themselves.

(I know, shocker.)

But what’s interesting is that this year my mission has simultaneously gotten much more necessary

And at the same time, it’s become way HARDER for people to do.

Bummer, right?!

So what’s the answer? Because we aaaaaalllll need some extra treats this year.

I have some ideas for you, whether you’re:

  1. A busy parent, with a working/no partner and 2 kids doing distance learning with no childcare
  2. OR, you’re simply nose-down blazing through work because there’s nothing social going on anymore anyways

Here we go:

  • Take slow moments. I was so inspired by a friend I spoke to the other day who told me in the midst of her extremely busy life (she fits category A above) that every morning, she takes her tea outside, removes her shoes and puts her feet on the earth for 5 minutes. And yes, it’s cold. And so invigorating and starts her day off RIGHT.
  • Spend the day in the woods. It’s safe, it’s free, and you can do it solo, with friends or with kids. (And yes, I really believe nature time can still be super nourishing if you’re really PRESENT and playful with your kids.)
  • Rent yourself a room. I know not everyone will be comfortable with this given the pandemic, but if you can manage to get away from your home — even if it’s just half an hour away — to a special Airbnb or hotel room, and better yet if it has a hot tub, sauna, or huge bath tub and is in someplace gorgeous… do it! And make some rules for yourself about social media and screen time while you’re there.

What’s ONE THING you can do this week to slow down and nourish yourself?

Early bird registration is over on Friday for the Replenish Retreat, and the fee goes up by $200. I hope you can hop in today!

And I’m telling the women who’ve signed up for the Replenish Retreat the same thing:


In whatever way you can.

  • Whether it’s 4 days solo (or with a Covid-bubble friend) renting an epic Airbnb with hot tub and sauna in the woods and creating your own full-on retreat
  • Or if it’s simply ordering super delicious meals to be delivered to your door and getting your partner to take a day off work to play with the kids somewhere else besides your house 
  • Or if it’s walking around your neighborhood with your headset during our sessions to get your blood moving and escape the distractions

I hope to see you there!