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Should I Give Away My Services for Free Right Now?

Have you noticed the frenzy of free offerings from the online world? How could you miss it?!

It’s lovely in many ways… much of it is pure generosity, and I love it! The beauty of humanity!

But some of it feels frenetic… like it’s just about filling up the space, busying ourselves, wanting to be the hero, or to get things out ahead of everyone else…

I’ve definitely felt the pull!

And it can end up exhausting us while we’re trying to help others.

We’re in this for the long haul, folks. We don’t ALL need to give a million things away for free right now. We can sit and be thoughtful about what we give and how we give it… people are going to need all of us service providers for many months to come.

I’m not at all saying you shouldn’t give things away for free. In fact, this email is to tell you about something I’m offering for free (more at the bottom).

Giving stuff away free, as it ALWAYS has, helps your audience get to know, like and trust you. Which does make them more likely to purchase. Free content rocks!

But what I’m saying is, be thoughtful. Notice where your offering is coming from. Fear? Generosity?

And, you also have full permission you to take care of yourself, to take a step back and listen for the way you want to serve, and not feel like you have to rush-rush-rush to get it out there ASAP. We need to be building our immune systems right now, not getting exhausted by over giving.

Bottom line: we need to serve in ways that also serve us. Luckily, there is a lot of overlap between these two things.

And with that, I want to invite you to a free class + coaching that’s been brewing for the last few weeks now. It’s on Wednesday at 11AM PT, and you can read all about it and sign up for it here:

Navigating Your Business Amidst the Coronavirus

I’ll spend the first 45 minutes or so teaching, and the second 45 minutes or so answering your biz questions.

I look forward to seeing you there! (and yes, there will be a recording!)