Feeling Stretched Thin? Check Your Biz Boundaries.


I talk a lot about balancing productivity and action with rest and reflection.

In a society that is predominately action focused, it seems that more of us tend toward working too hard, and need to integrate more rest into our cycles.

But inside this pattern of over-productivity, there exists another pattern.

It’s the I-want-everything-to-feel-good pattern.

It’s the pendulum swinging way in the opposite direction… the “intuitive” sense that something doesn’t feel right so therefore, I’m not going to do it. Instead, I’m going to “take care of myself” and say no to things I don’t want to do (even if I committed to doing them – to myself or others). After all, I get to create my own life, and this is what “feels good!”

Trust me, I’m all about feeling good. I wish I could feel good ALL THE TIME. My biggest life journey has been learning to simply be with the moments where I DON’T feel good and welcome them as an essential part of my multifaceted and meaningful life.

And, I’m all about creating businesses and lives that we love and that feel really good. That’s what I coach people on!

So what am I talking about then?

I believe we are all unique, and we all need to learn how to access what feels true for us, and act from that place. We need to create businesses that are aligned with our visions, our gifts, and who we want to be in the world.

And, we have to be able to tell the difference between our true inner voice – the voice that tells us what is in alignment – and another voice… a voice that is simply scared and uncomfortable pushing a new edge.

We sometimes say that something feels inauthentic, or doesn’t feel good, or isn’t my thing, and so we don’t do it.

But we need to be able to decipher between things that are genuinely misaligned with who we are, and uncomfortable but necessary growing edges.

And we must commit to the discomfort of pushing our edges…. Because part of our responsibility as business owners (and humans) is to get out of our comfort zones and evolve.

Even when it doesn’t “feel good.”

Building a truly meaningful business will honor who you are and feel deeply right. AND, it will also sometimes feel uncomfortable as you allow it to push your soul in the direction it wants to grow.

Let’s get to know our inner voices so well that we can say “no” when we truly mean it and not when we mean, “well, it feels uncomfortable, but that’s probably because I’m afraid of failing, so yes, I’m going to muster up the courage and give it a try anyways.”

I spent 10 years resisting public speaking. I told myself, “it’s just not my thing.” I avoided it like the plague. But it kept coming back… People kept telling me to do it, I started actually having things to teach, I was asked to give a talk… I continued to feel my fear as well as the deeper call to push myself to speak and teach more.

So I signed up for a public speaking course, and it started last week. It is a huge edge – and one that I truly need to push. I can already see the doors it is opening up for me.

Where do you need to get out of your comfort zone and just go for it?