Feeling Stretched Thin? Check Your Biz Boundaries.

Slow down, streamline, and strategize
for more time, energy, and money in your business and life.

for cis and trans women + non-binary people comfortable in a woman-centered space 

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You're a Hard-Workin’ Woman* Entrepreneur

Successful, impact-driven, passionate, and down-to-earth.

You have an almost-full to overly-full client base, a great reputation, and you’re excellent at what you do.

And you have way too much on your plate.

(I mean who ARE these people hanging out in the “Covid pause” anyway!?

Of course, you’re grateful that business is still flowing and growing. The alternative would suck. 

But you’re stretched.

(Let’s be real… you were stretched before the dumpster fire also known as 2020.) 🗑🔥


  • To get clear on what’s truly important in this vastly new world and what you can let go of
  • To gather and connect in community with other women entrepreneurs dealing with similar ups and downs (hello roller coaster!)
  • To figure out how to organize and streamline your biz so you have more time for friends, family, self-care, and volunteering to make sure our world doesn’t go to hell in a handbasket
  • To feel your feelings, do some healing, and shift the beliefs that are keeping you stuck in this go-go-go reality
  • And to find some clarity on your purpose, vision and goals for the year, even amidst these ever-changing times


Thinking You'll Get to the Other Side of All This Soon...

…That at “some point,” things will slow down and go back to “normal” and in the meantime you can treat yourself to more chocolate and/or lattes and POWER THROUGH.

Ok, so… I hate to tell you this.

If you’re this busy now…

And you were this busy (or almost this busy) before…

You’re probably always going to be this busy.


Shift the beliefs & fears that have you working so damn hard/over-giving/crossing your own boundaries in the first place

(so that you can actually CHANGE the pattern)

Own those boundaries and start closing up the 7 most common TIME, ENERGY and MONEY leaks in your business

(so you can enjoy your business and your life again)

Because let’s be totally clear: Your business is leaking… And it’s draining YOU.

And especially at this time of massively reduced bandwidth
and way too much crazy shit happening in the world… 

We gotta seal up those leaks
And tighten up those boundaries
With Intention and Love.



"Especially amidst such a challenging year, attending a virtual retreat with Julie was incredibly nurturing, affirming, clarifying, and grounding.

I was so happy I went to a nearby Airbnb, this combined with the retreat format and exercises gave me a safe container to reset and recharge. I came back deeply refreshed on my vision, purpose, and strategy.”

Avery Kalapa, Yoga Teacher

"I was so thrilled at how connected I felt to everyone and how easily it truly felt like I had some time to "step away" even though it was literally just to my back patio!

Especially since leading up to the retreat, I was skeptical that it could truly feel like an in-person retreat! But at the end of the day, I felt I had nourished myself, my business, and had created a new plan for this quarter, despite these uncertain times. Julie created a safe, welcoming, and proactive container.

Michelle Dwyer, Health Coach and Nutritionist

"I was excited for our virtual retreat because I know Julie always puts her creative and grounded self into all she offers - and she did not disappoint.

So many opportunities for conversation, reflection and connecting with nature in service to business. I was surprised (given that we were working through our screens), at how fast it went by and how energized I felt about my business when our time together ended. I walked away motivated with new strategies that I implemented immediately. Forever grateful!

Kimberley Elliott, Leadership Coach

"Replenish was a phenomenal experience all around, and I felt nourished on all levels

Julie leads the group with a beautiful balance of structure and stability for us to lean into, combined with warmth, flexibility and lightness. I was able to deeply rest, vision my life, play and explore, connect with myself, connect with the other women, AND come up with a new plan for my business, clear goals, and steps to implement them. I’m so grateful to be starting off my year this way.

Julia Ellis, Expressive Arts Therapist

Here’s what we’ll do:


  • Experience spaciousness, deep rest and nourishing quiet.
  • Listen for (and actually hear) what’s truly aligned and important to you now in your life and biz.
  • Ceremonially release what you no longer need so you can step into a new, more spacious era of your business and have time for what’s most important.


  • Receive Mama Nature’s wisdom on a guided, solo-together threshold journey that will grow your sense of self-trust, confidence and help you make business decisions more intuitively.
  • Participate in frequent opportunities to get into your body with yoga, dance, meditation and singing (you’ll have an opportunity to lead if you like!)
  • Get a massage, take the longest bath ever, craft and create… your choice, whatever will help you feel great.


  • Dive deep into meaningful conversations with like-hearted folks.
  • Learn from and mastermind with people who understand your experience.
  • Build friendships and colleague-ships to last a lifetime (folks from my retreats and programs hang out and support one another on a regular basis).


  • Have the time and a safe space to feel your feelings and share them if you wish.
  • Identify the patterns and beliefs that keep you in productivity mode nonstop, saying yes to things that are a NO, and crossing your own boundaries.
  • Start dissolving those patterns and beliefs in a powerful healing session with master mindset coach Briana Cavanaugh.


  • Find more time, energy and money in your biz by identifying and CLOSING UP the biggest/highest leverage leaks in your business at the retreat.
  • Create a clear plan to close up the rest of the leaks and simplify your life and business.
  • Feel more organized and better able to hold healthy boundaries


  • Create aligned priorities and commitments for your business and life for 2021
  • Get expert support from Julie and your peers on the final day to set goals that support your vision and values


You start to feel the aligned flow of energy that naturally occurs when you are doing more of what you love and less of what you don’t.

It’s what I call NATURAL productivity (as opposed to that crazy hamster wheel thing).

And PS, did I mention that winter is the puuuuuuuuurfect time to do this work? It’s the natural season for turning inward, resting, reflecting, making commitments, and hatching inspiring plans and fueling up for the New Year.

Oh, and hey...


"Like so many of us these days, my Zoom fatigue is real and the idea of more time in front of a screen is not one I relish, especially when it's for something that would normally take place outdoors.

So I was absolutely delighted to find that the Nourished retreat I did with Julie this fall felt genuinely balanced, spacious and replenishing. She’s got a true talent for holding wonderful space with a light hand and structured our time so that meaningful work got to happen alongside unwinding, moving and connecting to ourselves.

Darshana Avila, Intimacy Coach

"The Replenish Retreat was exactly what I needed.

I got to drop into quiet with myself in a way that I don’t get often enough. I got to deeply reflect on what’s helping me and hindering me, how to get the support I need and structure not only my business, but my life to support my vision of an ideal life. The connection to the other women at the retreat was such a deep experience. Being held by them in a place of love and support and truth made the challenging things easier and the laughter even better.

Heather Sontag, Organizational Expert

"The biggest thing I am bringing back from the retreat is the knowledge that I am the master of my own vision, life, business, and calendar.

I was scheduling things in a way that stressed me out, putting too many things on my calendar, expecting myself to accomplish an unrealistic amount of tasks on (unnecessarily) tight schedules, and therefore was always feeling behind and stressed. Since the retreat, I have created more spaciousness to do deep, focused work on what is most important, rather than scattered multi-tasking. I am also taking the free time I need to feel whole. I am learning to trust and to allow myself to relax into life, rather than pushing myself to keep going against the grain and then burning out. Thank you for this beautiful gift!

Jenna Carlsson, Nonprofit Event Planner

Your Burning Questions Answered

A: We aim to create an explicitly anti-racist and an intentionally diverse, inclusive and equitable community here. This program is for all cis and trans women, as well as non-binary people who are comfortable in a space that centers the experiences of women. 

In addition, there are need-based, partial scholarships available for Black, Brown, Latinx, Indigenous, Asian, and other identifying Women of Color. Simply send an email to contact@juliewolkcoaching.com if you’re interested in one. 

Everyone is required to review and sign our community agreements before the retreat, and feedback is always welcome, as we are a learning community. 

Bottom line, our company is committed to showing up 100% for the hard work of anti-racism, even when it gets uncomfortable.

A: Hell no. We will not spend 8 hours a day staring at our screens. 

In fact, the retreat is 3 days (plus an optional implementation & laser coaching morning) precisely because of how spacious it is. If I did this in 1-2 days, you’d never talk to me again. Also, it’s also two half-days and two full-days.

Plus, each person is encouraged to leave home for this retreat if at all possible (see next question for more info). Rent a hotel room, an Airbnb, a room at a retreat center… GO TO YOUR HAPPY PLACE! 

If you like, we can even match you up with local folks so you could go have a socially distanced meet-up.

On top of that, here are the types of activities we’ll do over the course of the 3-4 days:

  • Spend time in nature
  • Dance, breathe, and do yoga
  • Dream and journal
  • Connect, share and learn in small groups with colleagues
  • Receive coaching from Julie and Briana
  • Spend engaging time on Zoom learning + deep in conversation, using both large and small group format
  • Have specific times to do assigned exercises/activities on your own, off screen
  • Participate in a healing ritual
  • Craft and casually connect
  • Co-working/implementation time
  • You’ll have evenings COMPLETELY to yourself with simple, optional solo activities (and an optional mixer on the last night)

I’ve planned dozens of transformative retreats, and now virtual ones too, perfecting the balance between abundant learning and growth and plenty of time for relaxing and connection.

A: I hear you. This is not an easy time to get away, especially if you’re homeschooling. And, we don’t know what will happen with Covid this winter.

Every person has a different situation and will need to make their own decision about how to create a focused and nourishing space for this retreat.

Here are 6 ways you could make this work:

  • Go to your favorite place (that doesn’t require an airplane) and rent an Airbnb, hotel room, retreat center space for all 3 nights (or just 1 night!)
  • Go 10 minutes away and do the same 🙂
  • Go to a friend’s or relative’s house during the retreat hours who has a nice quiet space
  • Stay home, but create a lovely space where no one will bother you (create solid boundaries with family or housemates)
  • Do it in your yard if it’s nice out where you are
  • Just do the best you can!!!

When you sign up you’ll receive a complete guide on how to create a retreat-like experience wherever you are.

The one thing that won’t work is if your kids are bugging you a whole bunch and you have to step in and out a lot. If this is happening, it will be hard to fully receive the benefits of this retreat and I wouldn’t recommend attending.


Part of the purpose of this retreat is to start changing your habits, one of which might be your ability to ask for help and take time for yourself and your biz big picture (essential to biz growth). 

Now I realize, it’s just not going to be possible for some folks to get away for 3 nights. But, I would like to challenge you to ask for MORE. Ask your partner, a family member, to take care of your kiddos and their schooling. It might require someone taking a day off of work. And try to let go of perfection… if things around the house are a little chaotic while you’re gone, try to let that go.

So if you really feel called to come, I invite you to try and figure this out.

What would it take for you to take this time?

Of course. This retreat will be powerful, nourishing and useful whether you’ve been cooped up in your house with 3 kids for 6 months while homeschooling, or you’ve been able to take really good care of yourself this year. 

If what we’re covering on the retreat is a YES for you, by all means add it to your business self-care regimen. See you there!

A: You can watch this video series where I go through EACH of the 7 time/energy/money leaks here. It will take about an hour or so to watch all 7 (they’re not all done yet), and it’s also a great way to get to know me and make sure you want to spend 4 days with me 😉

Short version of the 7 leaks = Purpose, Time, Money, Energy, Support, Systems, Integrity (this one has to do with being an anti-racist business).

A: The schedule is aimed to be spacious while still doing the work to create tangible change in your business and your life. 

There are breaks between sessions and longer breaks for meals. Half of Friday is spent roaming quietly outdoors and Sunday, there’s an optional co-working/implementation session. 

All evening programming is on your own and optional and not essential for your success at the retreat (though well-crafted, powerful and encouraged). 

We work, but it’s nourishing, connective, inspiring work.

Thursday, we meet from 2-5pm PT/4-8pm ET

Friday/Saturday, we meet from 10am-5pm PT/1pm-8pm ET

Sunday, we meet from 10am-1pm/1pm-4pm ET (optional)

A: Does this describe you?

  • You’re an experienced coach, consultant, healer, chef, designer, gardener or other service-based biz owner
  • You are well-established with a close-to-full to overly-full client base (you’re not struggling for clients, even if you’d like to add some more)
  • You tend to put too much on your schedule, say yes to too many things, give a lot to others, and often feel behind or like you’re still not doing enough
  • You could really use some time to slow down, look at the picture, get creative, and get clear on your priorities and commitments for 2021
  • And yet it’s hard for you to actually carve out time to reflect and do the big picture work
  • You’d love for things to feel more easeful and spacious in your biz and life
  • You’re absolutely committed to your own growth and your business’ growth
  • You’re available for the entire retreat

And who is it not for?

  • Folks just starting out or struggling to find clients
  • People who don’t believe they can be successful in challenging times
  • People who aren’t willing to do things differently, make commitments to change, and do their best to follow through on them

A: We will provide you with a comprehensive retreat planning guide to support you on creating an epic retreat-experience for yourself. But here’s the brief version:

This is obviously going to be a little different from your typical retreat.

The coolest part is that YOU get to choose your own adventure – do you want a sweet Airbnb in the woods? A boutique hotel in your favorite small town? A fancy hotel with a huge bathtub in your room? Do you want to have a bunch of solo time, or do this with a friend or two you trust?

In addition, you’ll want a delicious meal plan for yourself. Perhaps you’ll take yourself out for fancy meals, perhaps you’ll cook in advance or onsite. Perhaps you’ll hire someone to cook healthy food for you that you can bring. Whatever works for you. Just make sure to bring treats and your favorite beverages (from kombucha to quarantinis).

Plus, you can book massages, go on walks, and treat yourself to any other delight you can think of.

And, if you sign up by December 1, you’ll be guaranteed a special retreat goody bag via snail mail (yes, a physical package!)

Plan on reserving $500-1000 for 3 nights of accommodations, yummy food, massages and whatever else you’d like to treat yourself to! But of course, you can spend as little or as much as you want on your accommodations.

Finally, this retreat will feel like a retreat if you show up fully. I make no guarantees for folks that pop in and out of sessions and scroll Facebook during breaks. This will take some discipline and boundary setting.

But if you do it, you will get a ton out of the experience and will be worth every penny. 

A: Along with everything mentioned above, you’ll walk away with a plan to close the biggest leaks in your business, and even close up some of them ON the retreat!

You’ll also walk away with high level priorities, commitments and goals for the year, a serious reset, and a bunch of amazing new colleagues.
We are not doing a detailed work planning process during this program. You have the opportunity to do this more granular strategic work in my  individual and group coaching programs.

A: There are no refunds, transfers or discounts for cancellations, illness, arriving late, leaving early, or travel snafus. If you cancel your participation in the retreat for any reason, this cancellation policy applies. In the unlikely event that we must cancel due to natural disaster, illness, etc, we cannot guarantee a refund – however, we will reschedule the retreat!

By the way… I’m Julie!

And if you’ve hung out with me for any length of time, you know I’m OBSESSED with helping busy women slow down, tune into nature, and re-align with what’s truly important to them… and then re-design their businesses to support their dreams.

And let me tell you – we need to do this work MORE THAN EVER during this shit show of a year. 

I have so been in that place where I was sure I didn’t have time to slow down, take care of myself, and look at the big picture. 

But every single time I did it, I came out inspired, creative and with a clear plan of action. 

And the dozens and dozens of women I’ve guided on this retreat over the last 6 years say the same thing. 

I can’t wait to see the cozy cabin you rent — Treat yourself!!

julie header

"I was nervous about attending the daylong virtual retreat given that I am spending so much time on Zoom these days, but it was absolutely wonderful.

The pacing felt slow and easeful in a way that helped me connect to others and myself. I loved that the retreat was held outside even though we were virtual, and as always Julie’s questions helped me reflect on my business and reimagine what is possible during these shifting times.

Zoe Gillis, Therapist and Nature Guide

"Our virtual retreat was such a welcome time out.

Simply the intention to connect with Julie, the group, nature, and my inner guidance gave me a framework that was possibly as magical as being in person. I simply had to show up and be present. The honoring of this time as sacred was a big gift and I felt we were truly in a sister circle. My biggest surprise were the messages I received from taking my walk-about. In slowing way down, even though I walk this neighborhood daily, with Julies’ prompts, I received deeper messages, expanded perspectives, and guidance on what to focus on in my business as I move it toward having more of a nature-based approach and focus. Thank you!

Claudia Commerci, Healer

"I showed up stressed and exhausted...

and so needed to step outside my busy life, the internet, and my family to focus on what are ultimately the most essential ingredients of bringing a healthy, thriving business into the world: self-care, a clear sense of purpose, and smart systems.

Megan Armstrong, Mother-Daughter Mentor