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  • Do you agree to our Community Agreements and Standards? Please read them carefully. You can find them here:

    I agree on this date to the following Liability Release for the Replenish Winter Reflection and Strategy Retreat on January 24-27, 2020. JULIE WOLK COACHING (RETREAT OPERATOR) is an LLC in the State of California. PARTICIPANT understands that Julie Wolk nor anyone else has held themselves out as being individually responsible for any liability and PARTICIPANT has waived any and all rights to bring any claims for damages against Julie Wolk and JULIE WOLK COACHING. RETREAT OPERATOR (Julie Wolk) will lead PARTICIPANT and group at the Westerbeke Ranch in Sonoma, CA. The dates of the program are January 24-27, 2020. Once you have established yourself as a participant, you are eligible to receive all benefits from this said agreement. All payment to JULIE WOLK COACHING and Julie Wolk is non refundable. RETREAT OPERATOR is responsible for arranging all meals between the dates set above, RETREAT OPERATOR is responsible for arranging, supervising and guiding all physical activities as described below. RETREAT OPERATOR is not responsible for arranging, supervising or guiding any other events or activities. The organized physical activities of the trip will be coaching, group work, and ceremonial outdoor time. Other activities are OPTIONAL for participant such as walking, yoga, hot tubbing, and other. Any and all activities are done at PARTICIPANT’S own volition. PARTICIPANT takes full responsibility for anything that happens while participating in any and all of these or other activities. RETREAT OPERATOR is not responsible for side trips, activities not designated, meals not arranged and supervised by the RETREAT OPERATOR, medical or dental costs, insurance, equipment for the physical activities or any other costs not mentioned in the paragraph above. In the event of cancellation, RETREAT OPERATOR is not responsible for any damages, including but not limited to expenses of the trip, loss of time expended in planning the trip or any foreseeable or consequential damages as a result of cancellation. PARTICIPANT makes a knowing and intelligent waiver of the rights to bring a claim against RETREAT OPERATOR and assumes the risk of cancellation. PARTICIPANT has carefully considered his/her ability to attend the trip. PARTICIPANT understands that as soon as a deposit is made, RETREAT OPERATOR will use same to secure travel, housing, meals, supervision and incidental expenses to arrange the trip for PARTICIPANT. Accordingly, PARTICIPANT knowingly and intelligently waives any right to a refund of the deposit or program fee. PARTICIPANT agrees that any photographs and video footage taken during the event may be printed, reproduced and published in any manner anywhere without any further consent by me and without any compensation to me (though we will check with you if it’s for something OTHER than RETREAT OPERATOR’S website. PARTICIPANT has been advised of other health risks or dangers which are: wild animals, negligent drivers, faulty equipment, unsafe food, contaminated water supplies, theft, strenuous hikes, and unpredictable weather conditions and living conditions. RETREAT OPERATOR cannot ascertain all possible risks. PARTICIPANT is fully responsible to independently research all of the risks of this trip. PARTICIPANT has carefully considered the known risks, and assumes all risks, holding RETREAT OPERATOR harmless for any damages, injuries or claims for both known and unknown risks. PARTICIPANT has consulted with a licensed doctor, disclosed all known disabilities and infirmities, and has been medically approved to attend the trip and participate in all anticipated activities. PARTICIPANT has truthfully disclosed all known medical conditions, illnesses and injuries that bear upon fitness to travel and participate in all of the activities in writing to RETREAT OPERATOR. PARTICIPANT understands that disclosure of these conditions is essential to not only the health and safety of PARTICIPANT but everyone else in the group. Failure to disclose any relevant conditions bearing upon fitness to attend shall constitute a waiver of any injury or damage on the trip and shall subject PARTICIPANT to damages proximately caused as a failure to disclose. The possibility of personal injury, emotional trauma, illness, unanticipated event, death, loss or damage to property is entirely at the PARTICIPANT’S own risk. Any risk, dangers and hazards of the activity are fully understood and assumed by the PARTICIPANT. If PARTICIPANT leaves retreat area voluntarily without exhausting all remedies as a result of any complaint or concern, PARTICIPANT waives all rights to complain at any later time, or bring any claim for damages. PARTICIPANT agrees to waive any and all claims against the RETREAT OPERATOR arising from the participation in the trip. The agreement will be effective and binding upon heirs, next of kin, executors, administrators and all persons who may be entitled to assert a claim as a result of an injury to the PARTICIPANT. The RETREAT OPERATOR confirms being mentally and physically fit and fully able to participate in the trip. In the event of a legal claim, the law of the State of California shall apply and the County of Alameda shall be the exclusive jurisdiction. In the event PARTICIPANT files any claim or action that is not in accord with the procedures agreed to in this document and as a result, RETREAT OPERATOR must retain counsel to dismiss said action, and said action is dismissed, PARTICIPANT shall be liable for all costs of dismissal and reasonable attorney’s fees. In the event that any provision herein is unenforceable, the balance of the agreement shall remain enforceable. This constitutes the entire agreement between the parties. No oral agreements or understandings not contained herein are binding on the parties. Any changes to this agreement may be made in writing and signed by all parties, and any amendment must reference this agreement and the intent to amend this agreement. I have carefully read this agreement, I understand its contents, and I freely and voluntarily agree to be bound by each and every provision.

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