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Make Your 90 day Plan Audio

Covered in Session 15:

  • What should my summer promotion be? How do I make it flow in my biz (and not cannibalize other offerings)?
  • Going from offering to public to corporate setting
  • How to get some folks to my event next week!
  • How do I get colleagues to help me promote my blogs?
  • How do I map out my summer, get everything done, launch my new group?
  • What I learned from my Practical Magic daylong event
  • What happens when my assistant is suddenly not there? How do I set  up a system to know what is done and what is not done and how to do it?

Covered in Session 14:

  • Convincing arguments to hire a VA
  • How to take vacation for 3 weeks and make sure things are tended to
  • How market events, creating a SOP for marketing your events
  • How to use video to market
  • Online vs live marketing
  • How change the format of something without freaking out my clients
  • Should I make people pay in advance for my workshop?
  • A special musical moment at the end!

Covered in Session 13:

  • How to actually get yourself to schedule and do business development
  • How do I market my event with no email list, strategies for getting sign-ups, early birds, etc
  • Brainstorming a new freebie for Linda’s website
  • What would make Terra’s summit training program most attractive?
  • How do I design a new group program? What format should I use? What is part of the offer? Rolling admission or launch?
  • What do I use for a scheduling app, recurring payments, and online contracts?

Covered in Session 12:

  • How to market an event when I don’t have an email list (this appears at the END, because I forgot to hit record) – also, I referred to a great e-book by Tad Hargrave called The Art of the Full House ($40 well spent for event-filling ideas)
  • How to create an online version of my in-person yoga series/workshop
  • At what point in my biz journey does it make sense or not make sense to enter into a collaboration? What questions to ask yourself
  • How to hold boundaries with time, especially with in person clients, especially in their space – we role played!g
  • Evaluating the marketing copy for a creativity workshop
  • How do I find enough people to refer to that I really trust? (we talked about you not being responsible for a “bad referral” too)

Covered in Session 11:

  • How to raise your rates
  • Project bids vs hourly rates (landscaping company)
  • What should my introductory/opt-in freebie class be about?
  • What do I do when my practice is full? Waitlist? Say no? Let some people in?
  • How do you save money for big business expenses?
  • What to do when your schedule gets derailed by being sick?

Covered in Session 10:

  • Recording started late, so sorry!
  • How to work with friends, creating boundaries, getting paid
  • When your old niche isn’t exciting you, but it’s still making you money
  • When to raise your rates and how to package up your work
  • New ideas for creative photography packages

Covered in Session 9:

  • How to get your blog posts read (and the difference between attraction and cultivation)
  • How do I promote two businesses at once without confusing people (hint, there’s some mindset involved)
  • What are qualities of awesome public FB groups?
  • What could a membership site contain?
  • How do I get people to actually attend my free/low-cost event who sign up
  • Dealing with Eventbrite/registration for events

Covered in Session 8:

  • When you have two offerings that seem quite different to put on your website
  • How to prioritize
  • How often to email your list and what to email them
  • What could a membership site contain?
  • How to promote workshops and where
  • How and why to use clients’ language in your web copy

Covered in Session 7:

  • How to get started planning a retreat: venues, costs, logistics, etc
  • How to destress my book launch, how to make my marketing feel like me
  • How are your boundaries? Niche (who you do/don’t work with, what you do/don’t do) and money (how do you feel about your rates, is your time valued?)

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