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100% Organic, Hype-Free Business Coaching

Structure –> Flow –> Freedom

Six-month private coaching program for coaches, consultants, healers and teachers who want to get streamlined, focused, and clear… so you can have a successful, meaningful business you love + a calm, balanced life.

This Program is Highly Customized, But I Can Help You:

  • Learn to use nature’s wisdom to find the inner clarity and peace to make aligned business and life decisions.
  • Embrace a vision, set goals and make an actual plan for your business—pruning the wild garden of your business so it has room to grow.
  • Change your business model to leverage your time and earn more money by hiring staff, creating packages, a course, training, or group program.
  • Take control of your finances—get a handle on income and expenses plus map out how to up your income consistently.
  • Set up systems and structures (aka, get your sh*t organized) for your clients and workflow—so you can save time (stop writing the same email over and over), so your intake process and client communication is simple and smooth, and so you are on time and on track with your projects.
  • Delegate and schedule your time (putting self-care and nature time first!) so you stop being so busy that you want to scream and/or kill your computer.​
  • Make marketing and sales easier by establishing deep roots in your business— clarify your niche and find ideal clients, articulate your message and unique point of view and methodology, and streamline your services to create a simplified business model that maximizes your enjoyment, your profits and your free time.
  • Remodel your website so it’s a sparkling clear reflection of what you do and attracts exactly who you want it to.

Here’s What You Get:

  • Plant the Seed of Your Vision Self-Guided Mini-Retreat: An inspiring experience in nature to start off our work (I provide the structure, you complete before our first session).
  • An introductory 90-minute deep dive session to clarify your vision, goals, priorities and map out where you want to be in 6-12 months (in person if you’re in the Bay Area or wish to visit!)
  • Two 50-minute one-on-one strategy and support calls each month to answer all your business questions, help you find your authentic way of doing business, get you out of your stuck places, and give you expert advice on how to implement your plan step by step
  • Up to two 10-minute mini-sessions/month if you need quick strategic help or a pep talk!
  • Succinct, step-by -step guides, templates & samples to make business-building easier (e.g, what to put on your website, how to set goals, how to create a package of services)
  • Access to yours truly. I’m with you every step of the way, on our calls, in between sessions, and reviewing your work. You have access to me in between sessions via email and even quick phone calls when you need it. I am here for you.
  • Website and marketing copy help. It’s so important that your new business changes are reflected on your website and in your marketing materials, and I don’t want you shooting in the dark on this. I help with editing and copywriting so that potential clients are clear on and compelled by your niche and offers.
  • Access to the entire Roots of Business Course so we can make sure you have laid all the proper groundwork to create the business you desire (we’ll walk through these modules together as needed in our first couple months).

What My Clients Say:

Getting business coaching from Julie was one of the best investments I have ever made.” -Rachel Heron, Intuitive Strategist
DAMN! I have to say I’m so impressed by your quick turnaround EVERY time. Thank you so much! I truly appreciate your help and even though we are not done yet I already feel like I can say that I spent my money well :-).” – Anka Urbahn, Personal Trainer
One of Julie’s many standout gifts is her ability to deeply listen and distill what she hears into potent and accessible insight and deliberate action steps that helped me move my work in the world forward with ease and assurance. Her Natural Business Cycle is a respite in a sea of disembodied approaches to business and marketing and helped me not only have the structure needed to grow my business but also the nourishing self reflection and time with nature to build my capacity as a person and entrepreneur.” – Casey Carroll, Brand Coach
After being in business for 8 years, I realized that I needed to shift and fine tune to make my work more enjoyable and productive. I am achieving that and more with Julie’s support. One big part is that I’m learning more about myself and in turn, identifying the type of people I really enjoy working with the most (and who I don’t!).” – Chef Stephanie, Caterer
Julie is bringing a dynamic (and on-point!) mix of practicality, intuition, technical expertise, cheerleading, and challenging to our work.” – Sarah Lightfoot, Fundraising Consultant
I’ve always been an action taker, but with Julie’s help I’ve been taking incredibly targeted and impactful action (instead of trying to do all the things the internet told me I had to do). I’ve identified my niche and my gifts, rebranded my entire website with the new messaging (her editing feedback is awesome), raised my rates and clarified my signature system into package… all in three months at a very sane and stable pace.” – Lindsay Gordon, Career Coach
I’ve been working with Julie for over a year, including going on her amazing Replenish Retreat two years in a row (love the retreats!), so obviously I really resonate with her organic approach. She helps me find ways not to just “push, push, push” but instead to be very intentional with my niche and business goals and the quality of life I want for myself.” – Jamie Lieber, Acupuncturist
Since working with Julie, I have seen tremendous growth in the scale of jobs I am booking, increased revenue, as well as confidence and pride in the services I offer. I would highly recommend her to anyone ready to make changes and see your business thrive.” – Leslie Strubel, Wedding Planner
When I first started working with Julie, my business was overflowing with clients, but out of control. She helped me reign in my schedule, and raise rates for both existing and new clients. She also walked me through updating my website both in style and content, and I’m now teaching my first workshop series to other bodyworkers in my methodology.” – Laurie Hall, Bodyworker and Teacher
Twice this week I have realized how much progress I have made in the last 6 months and how much more legit and formalized my business feels!” – Jenna Carlsson, Nonprofit Event Planner
I just transitioned my entire business to France, and after six months, I have a full practice. I honestly did not think it could happen so quickly, given my circumstances.” – Agathe Pin, Leadership Coach

How to Get Started:

You save $300 if you pay in full. As soon as you sign up, you’ll receive a welcome email, your first assignment (that will get you outside!) and instructions to schedule your first session.
PAY IN FULL ($3900)