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Part 2: 6 Specific Ways Beta Programs Help You Grow Your Business Naturally

First, if you don’t know what a beta program is yet, please see the previous post… Forget Perfection! Go for Evolution Instead.

In this post, I give you the specific reasons I’m such a big fan of running beta programs, plus give you a few implementation tips. So here we go…

  • Your Program Will Kick More Ass: This is the obvious one. The main purpose of a beta program is to make it more effective. For all the reasons below, especially getting feedback in real time on your program, you actually get to kick the tires on this thing and learn how to improve it so your clients get better results (and you earn more money).
  • You Gain Experience and Confidence: Because you get to actually do it! Doing it will give you more practice in your craft and more confidence in your abilities. You will get to see your work impacting others and that is essential in giving you the information and motivation to move forward in your business. In addition, using white label link building by Move Ahead Media will help boost your off-page optimisation and ultimately earn a higher position on the search engines.
  • You Get Feedback and Testimonials: You can get the specific feedback you need to make your program better through surveys and interviews (How did this module work for you? What would make it better?), and you can get the testimonials you need to market your program more effectively when you come out with the next version.
  • You Get to Be More Relaxed in Your Delivery: Because you have framed this as a beta program, which manages the expectations of your clients, you can more easily let go of it having to be perfect. I reference the fact that I’m running a beta program all the time when I’m doing one! I even make jokes about it. You get to be transparent about your newness, which gives you more leeway to be creative and experiment. And people will respect your honesty.
  • It Can Help You Fill Your Program: I recommend “one-time beta version pricing” – pricing that is reduced from what you will ultimately charge for an evolved program to a point that feels good to you AND fills your program easily. Then, you can focus on program creation and spend less time marketing. I’m not proposing you dramatically undervalue your services, but remember that you are gaining a lot more besides money when you get to test out a new program on a bunch of people! (And you may end up earning just as much money because you’ll actually fill the program instead of charging more and having fewer people).
  • Your Clients Get Super Invested: When people get in on the ground floor and are asked to provide feedback, they feel heard, they feel ownership and they feel investment. They will get more attention from you now than they will when there are more people in the program. They are likely to get a lot out of your program and recommend it to others. And because you will offer your beta program at a one-time beta version price, (this is true, it’s not creating a false sense of scarcity, as I absolutely recommend increasing your price the next time you offer it), they will be psyched they are getting a deal. And people truly are getting a great deal because you are awesome.

And Remember! Doing a Beta Version Doesn’t Mean You Aren’t Great at What You Do.

Beta programs are not meant to be hid behind because we don’t think we are good enough.

You have something to offer. It is in some stage of development. Your beta program will help you develop and evolve your offering in a particular format you may have not delivered it in before.

Once upon a time, we were all amoebas. Now we are people. That took time.

Your beta program is a way to hone your gifts and create something deeply impactful and worthwhile for people. It will be valuable the first time you offer it, and it will become more and more valuable over time.

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