Feeling Stretched Thin? Check Your Biz Boundaries.

Number One Way to Stay Grounded & Sane in Your Biz

I find it interesting that everything I’m saying to you now is essentially what I was saying “BC” (Before Coronavirus) except with even more gusto.

It seems that Coronavirus is actually amplifying things… the stuff that was already challenging in our lives gets even crunchier, and the things that were once important are now vital.

That’s how I feel about getting outside.

Nature’s perspective, physical exercise, and having business support are essential now. We need to support each other – just stand further apart than these women!  Photo is from my old Networking in Nature hikes, where entrepreneurs shared business solutions while exercising outdoors.

It was always important. But now? OMG.

So first, a PSA.


(you really need it).

Ok, done with that.

Onto my letter here…

If you’ve been around here for a little bit, you know that I take entrepreneurs out into nature to help you take a step back from the busyness of day-to-day life, to unwind, rest, clear your mind and listen with your heart to what’s truly aligned.

It’s a necessity to do this so that you can be a leader in your business, instead of just running around attempting to do all-the-things, and working your butt off without a strategic plan and getting exhausted.

Fast forward to right now.

Can you see why this is even more important?!

Like I said before, things are amplified right now. There is a lot more to sift through now, a lot more on our minds, and a lot more decisions to make.

Plus, your clients may be leaning on you more, relying on you for emotional support, and leaving you with even less time to strategize about your business (cuz yeah, you had LOADS of time for that before!).

Or you may feel stress about your income… maybe it’s ok for now, or it’s dipped a bit, but you’re feeling fear of the unknown and wondering how you’re going to need to adjust to make it all keep flowing.

Or your business is growing and you’re like, “how the heck am I supposed to manage all this!?”

And finally, maybe you’ve got a million great ideas about how to make this work (raises hand!) but you need someone to help you sift through and make a strategic plan so you’re not running around like a chicken with it’s… (ugh I hate that expression). You get my drift.

So yeah. Much more to deal with now.

Come get some nature time with me at the Resilience Retreat.

One and a half days of support, connection, nature, biz strategy and numbers… to help you create inner resilience + business resilience.

On the first morning, we’ll be on Zoom together, and then I’ll send you off (with instructions) on a nature journey in your own special spot.

We’ll come back in the afternoon and strategize with clear heads, and then on day 2, we’ll dive DEEP into money clarity– the number one remedy for business stress (knowing what you actually need to do in order to earn what you need).

Plus, going outside will boost your immune system, shift your crappy mood, and keep you from going insane inside your house.

All that PLUS redefining your biz strategy.

I hope you join us for the Resilience Retreat.