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As you may know, my word of the year is COLLABORATION.

In fact, I’m wearing it around my neck (you can order your word jewelry here, and no I don’t get paid for this!).

Well, I must say that the Replenish Winter Reflection & Strategy Retreat for Women Entrepreneurs was a true celebration of collaboration.

And while community has always been a huge value of mine, it’s a continuing edge to truly create a space where people can feel free to show up, be vulnerable, share their wisdom, help one another and be honored for that.

And for me not to have to try to be the expert all the time! 

I think that’s really key… we are told by mainstream society that we need to be the guru, the wise leader, have all the answers and that there’s something wrong with us if we need help…

But I just don’t think that’s natural.

What’s natural is that we are all inextricably interconnected.

What’s natural is that we need to support one another to thrive.

What’s natural is that one person does NOT have all the answers and that we gain so much more simply by garnering group wisdom.

The collective answers we come up with are so much better than any single answer I could give on my own. 

We all co-created a space together this year for collaboration, and I’m really proud of us for that. There’s always room for more, and I look forward to that too.

As one participant put it:

“The unique thing about the retreat was the collaboration and support between the women… the group inspired and elevated all of the content of the program, and it was absolutely incredible. I’m walking away with a community, an inspired vision for the year for my business, a clear set of goals and tasks to implement, new business ideas and a bold vision for myself. I feel powerful and clear about where I’m heading this year.”  

So with that, I’ll let you take a glimpse at our nature-wandering, masterminding, vision-boarding, goal-setting, work-planning, chit-chatting group of 20 extraordinarily powerful and talented women entrepreneurs, as so beautiful captured by photographer Candace Smith.


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