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The Social Media Swamp…
and the Lotus:

Building a Critical, “Should-free” Social Media Culture

with Casey and Caitlin of Bold Woman Brands

Here’s what we cover in this juicy video interview:

  • How to unpack your resistance to social media so you can decide whether it’s for you or NOT, and if it is… how to show up in a way that is in high integrity

  • The internal work you have what you HAVE to do before you engage effectively on social media

  • How performativity causes harm and how doing our own identity work can make social media liberating, world-changing and choice-ful, instead of a “should” to be successful

  • Bringing your identity and beliefs into your brand identity so you’re marketing finally feels right to you — and can actually liberate and heal

  • How bucking the traditional marketing system and cookie cutter social media templates is absolutely your best biz decision – both in terms of impact AND profit

If you’re tired of feeling ick about social media… or you just don’t know how to make it work for you, check this one out!

Dissolve Your Resistance and Plan for Profitability

The Two Keys to Boosting Your Money Flow 

with Briana of Bliss Your Money 

Here’s what we cover in this juicy video interview:

  • How money amplifies your values (whether they’re crappy or good)

  • How to shift the money blueprint you were born with that creates fear, judgment, resistance, scarcity and shame around money (it goes beyond affirmations)

  • The weird places resistance shows up where we can’t even see it and how it stops you from progressing in your biz

  • How to move toward clean, clear, inspiring goals that aren’t caught up in your self-worth, ego, or need for achievement or success

  • How to create meaningful financial goals and PLAN for your profitability (instead of just wishing or praying about it)

If you’re tired of wondering when and how you’re going to hit the next level of income, this is a must-watch. 

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