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Grow a Burnout-free Business: Nature’s Way!

A refreshing, content-rich, free video class for women coaches, healers, and consultants who have clients… but not a lot more bandwidth. 

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It’s Time to Step Off the Hamster Wheel

Looking for a new perspective on business?
A little less hype, and a lot more intention?
A little less formula, and a lot more organic?

Join me to learn how you can call on the principles and cycles of nature to find more ease, alignment, clarity, focus and organic growth in your business. 

During this one-hour class, we’ll cover:

  • The 8 stages of the Natural Business Cycle, an innovative, non-linear approach to business
  • Mother Nature’s biggest productivity secret (which also happens to be her best-kept self-care secret) 
  • The dance of structure versus freedom in your business (and your life!)
  • How to relieve the pressure to be perfect by employing nature’s approach to creating new programs and offerings
  • The 5 essential roots of business that most people totally skip (which makes business so much harder)
  • Your business’ ecosystem and how to nourish it

More About Me

Julie Wolk helps hard-working coaches, consultants, and healers grow rooted, blossoming, burnout-free businesses modeled after the way nature works. She’s a firm believer that if we step off the obsessive productivity hamster wheel, and tune into nature’s rhythms, we can grow more sustainable lives, businesses and even—gasp!—a better world. A lifelong nature freak, she has over 15 years of experience turning vision into reality, and would love to help you create a simpler, more enjoyable, nature-led life and business. 


I learned so much… and it was fun! The material Julie presented helped me think about my business in a new and exciting way… Seeing my business as an organic entity with its own life cycle gave me so much insight about where my business is right now and what I need to move forward into the next phase. She is also a clear and confident teacher, and her experience growing successful businesses is evident in her thoughtful organization and presentation of this special class. I left feeling motivated and ready to take action.
                                             – Kristen, Massage Therapist

If you like nature, i think you’ll really dig this

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