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Your business – it’s all about what you do, right? Well, it’s not just that. Honestly, a lot of other people do (generally) what you do.

So then it’s about HOW you do it, right?  Because you definitely do it different from how other people do it. Yes, that’s true and important.

And of course it’s about who you do it for (you gotta know that).

But perhaps even more importantly, and so that those perfect people can even find you, your business needs to be wrapped up in a beautiful package of YOU and what you stand for

In a sea of business coaches, massage therapists, yoga teachers, etc…

People are drawn to PEOPLE.

They feel a resonance with someone and that person’s perspective (on life, on healing, on business).

In marketing, this is often called your Point of View or your Message.

(Because even if you LOVED that massage, you’re not super likely to keep going back if they kept talking about how great Trump is on their Facebook page).

This is just how we humans connect and build relationships (and businesses), whether online or off.

So – in order for someone to feel resonant with who you are, you have to show them who you are and what you believe.

You have to let your freak flag fly (and we’ve all got some freak in us).

Ok, maybe that sounds a little scary. But listen to my example:

Most people ultimately choose to work with me because they like my vibe – they like who I am and what I stand for.

It helps, of course, that I can back up my vibe with actual skills and experience, that I have a clearly defined niche, etc. But honestly, a lot of coaches can help you grow your business. And there may even be some other nature-freak business coaches out there too. But there’s no other Julie.

What if I decided to be “less me?”

For example, I could stop talking about nature and how I think people need to slow the f$#* down and let go of their obsession with productivity, because I’m afraid there are some people out there who disagree and really don’t dig nature all that much and who want to work around the clock, and that those people wouldn’t hire me.

Or I could say, I don’t really want people to know I’m into spiritual and personal growth, because what if they think I’m too woo woo and I turn them off and they don’t hire me? And so I cleanse my website of anything that that sounds remotely spiritual.

Oh, and what if I stay silent on racism and sexism… because I’m afraid I might scare off people on the conservative end of the political spectrum.

And then what if I thought, well really I need to act like a big, fancy business coach and sell people on my stuff, so I start saying things like, “Final offer! 75% off today only if you buy my exclusive VIP coaching package to earn your six figures in six months,” just because other coaches are saying that.

Do you think that would help my business?

Uh, I don’t think so.

I think I’d attract a whole bunch of people I have no interest in working with. Or more likely, I wouldn’t attract anyone at all because I’ve dissolved into a sea of non-descript coaches with boring or vague messages that don’t say much of anything.

People need to know who you really are so they can know if they resonate with you or not.

A pine tree doesn’t try to be an oak. A mallard doesn’t try to be song sparrow. A rose doesn’t try to be a poppy.

And therefore: There will be people who DON’T resonate with you.

And that’s the point!

You don’t want to attract everyone. You want to attract the right people. The ones who dig YOU.

You’ll create RESONANCE with some people. And you’ll create DISSONANCE with others. And this helps you work with more people who are actually aligned with you that you can really help.

A Story about Peas

I love all the trees and flowers in the pea family (the Fabaceae or Legume family for you botany freaks out there). Wherever I travel in the world, I always notice the plants in the pea family.

I love the brilliant color of the lupine and California sweet pea. I love the dried legume pods hanging from a redbud. I love the million tiny leaves of the acacia tree.

I always seem to be drawn to these plants. I don’t know why. Maybe I was a sweet pea in my last life. Whatever. I’m just drawn to them. I like their vibe.

If they were a coach, I’d hire them.

We are all drawn to things for various, and sometimes mysterious, reasons.

Let people know who you are. Let people know what you stand for. Let people be drawn to you.

What’s a unique perspective you hold that you think other people would resonate with? Who might you turn off? Are you cool with that?

If you want to dig deeper into your Point of View, check out the Roots of Business Home Study program.

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