Feeling Stretched Thin? Check Your Biz Boundaries.

It’s Not Biz As Usual – So Don’t Message Like It Is


The last thing you want is to sound slimy, icky or like you’re taking advantage of people in a crisis.

And yet, it’s happening! We can see it in our Facebook ads everyday.

I know you don’t want to join that party.

Nor do you want to be that oblivious person who just keeps on marketing their thing without making any reference to the massive changes our society is going through.

Yeah, not so much.

So how do we message our work to be relevant, useful and kind during these times?

I’ll give you 4 quick tips…

1. Hone in on the problem they’re experiencing NOW. Defining your ideal client’s problem is ALWAYS key in business, but their problems have shifted, and you need to know exactly what your potential clients are experiencing, what is challenging them, and what would help them most. You likely know this from your work with your existing clients, but you may need to do some market research if not. Speak directly to this problem, in their words, in your marketing copy.

2. Speak honestly, openly, vulnerably, empathetically and directly to your peeps. The best remedy for slimy marketing is being yourself and being honest. Share your story and what’s been challenging for you and what’s been helpful for you. Show them you get what they’re experiencing. Don’t be afraid to show your own weaknesses (we all have them). And, per the previous tip, speak very clearly and directly about what your folks are dealing with so they are and feel seen.

3. Address objections with empathy. Right there in your marketing copy, you can actually say very transparent things like: “you might feel overwhelmed with everything that’s being marketed to you, I get it.” OR, “You might feel like now is not the time to care for yourself when xyz is happening, I get it, and, here’s why it’s extra important.” Just be direct about their experience and what might stop them from working with you in this moment, and then respond to it thoughtfully, with the confidence that what you have to offer can truly help them.

4. Make a bridge to your work. Once you’ve met folks where they’re at (in the middle of a pandemic), then you can bring them over the bridge to the work you’ve always done. Because guess what, it’s probably still totally relevant, or even more relevant! It’s like me saying something like, “you’re experiencing financial stress right now, you’re not clear on what’s most strategic to offer in your business, and how to price and message it. And that makes it even more important to do the foundational work of clarifying your niche, message and offer.” (Which is what I always teach anyhow).

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