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How to Work Less

If you are like many entrepreneurs I know, you would classify yourself as “very busy.”

And you might feel like you don’t even have enough time to implement changes in your business that you know would ULTIMATELY make it run more efficiently.

But hear me out.

Because I also know it doesn’t feel so great…

  • To constantly feel like you’re behind and there’s always something else to do and it just won’t stop.
  • To rush from client to client with no time for marketing, big picture strategizing or creative work
  • To feel stuck in the weeds, working all the time, plodding through, without a clear plan.

But know this:

There are changes you can make to your business – some of them VERY simple – that can open up space in your busy schedule and set you down a path of sanity, calm, and even that elusive feeling of


s  p  a  c  i  o  u  s  n  e  s  s.



  • Creating better boundaries in your schedule
  • Raising your rates
  • Implementing systems and online tools
  • Hiring an assistant
  • Going Marie Kondo on your biz and letting some things GO
  • Designing a strategic, focused biz model & marketing strategy that work for your life

Perhaps you want to create more space in your life so that you can spend more time with your family and friends.

Or maybe so you can play outside more or meditate.

Or so you can start that epic group program that you downloaded last year on a walk in the woods.

But whichever one it is… You can’t just keep adding MORE.

First, you’ve got to streamline, focus and let some things go to create new space.

Then you can design that rockin’ new group program.

Or simply take some time off and smell the flowers.

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