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Hello to my high-achieving women coaches, consultants and healers!

*It’s time to tend the wilds of your business*

How to Transform a Business that Drains You…

Into a Business That Sustains You

This free training is on
November 19 at 10AM PT/1PM ET Day Hour Minute Second I’m ready for this to be easier!


You’re a successful, hard-working solopreneur with a growing business… who’s bone tired and wondering, how am I going to sustain this? 

I see you:

  • Your income is steadily increasing, but you’re starting to drop balls and don’t know what to prioritize.
  • You love what you do, but you don’t love being on the computer at night more and more.
  • You’re feeling increasingly confident as an expert in your field, but wish you had the same confidence in your business strategy.

In many ways this business is working so well, but now you’re ready to make it work for YOU too.

Guess what, woman:

It’s time to stop doing more, slow down and start doing what really matters.

Imagine a business where you’re: Making money consistently,
Working with only amazing clients,
Feeling on purpose,
Healthy, calm, spacious and sane.

There are strategic things you can put into place today that will make this happen, and I’m going to show you how.

Join me for this masterclass where I’ll walk you through a natural approach to finding more space, time, and money in your business.

Let 2020 be the year you find sustainable success. (And have time to chill AND actually start that new group program you’ve been dreaming up for like, ever.)

Sigh of relief.

You Will Learn:

  • The 3 shifts you gotta make if you want to stop feeling spread so thin and start having more calm, clarity, focus, sanity and sustained success in your business.
  • Why growing your audience and filling your group programs feels so challenging, and the key to authentic, easeful, and dare I say, enjoyable, marketing that most people miss. (And doesn’t suck up every extra minute of your day)
  • What you need in order to map out and create consistent revenue each month, while simplifying your business and working less, not by adding more. (praise god)
  • How you can raise your rates, serve your clients better and love what you’re doing so much more ALL AT THE SAME TIME. (for real!)
  • Sneaky places where your energy leaks out, and how to tighten up your personal boundaries and business systems to create space, time and more income. 

You need an intentional, strategic plan to grow your business into one that nourishes you on ALL the levels, from financial to energetic. This is the first step toward that.


More time and money? I’ll take it!


I’m not just saying this, it’s actually true. So sign up, so you can get in on this.


Julie helps high-achieving coaches, consultants and healers transform a business that drains them to a business that sustains them. She’s​ a firm believer that if we step off the obsessive productivity hamster wheel and tune into nature’s rhythms, we can grow more sustainable lives, businesses and even a better world. She’ll help you slow down, get super aligned, and create better boundaries and solid systems so you can find more ease in your business and feel nourished financially and energetically. A lifelong nature freak, Julie has 20 years experience turning vision into reality—and after navigating life and business with a chronic illness and a toddler, she’s a total expert in streamlining, strategizing and finding the simplest pathway forward.

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