Feeling Stretched Thin? Check Your Biz Boundaries.

How to End the Marketing Melodrama

Why is marketing so damn emotional?

So. Much. Energy. goes into worrying about:

  • Do I sound authentic? Like me and not like a salesman?
  • Being visible, exposing ourselves, and being vulnerable
  • Whether it’s actually working to get clients
  • If we are doing it right or doing it enough
  • Why isn’t this thing working for me that seems to work for everyone else?
  • What do I say to the people on my list?
  • Do I have to do videos/social media/webinars/___ to get clients?

And the eternal question – Am I just throwing marketing spaghetti at the wall?

There are a few ways to solve for this problem.

One of them is CLARITY on what you do, who you serve, your message, your framework and your offers (what I call the Roots of Business and not the topic of this email).

The other one is to create a Marketing Machine.

Yep you heard me right. Little Miss Nature talking about Machines.

I chose this terminology on purpose. It’s not your marketing tree or your marketing eagle for a reason. It’s your marketing machine.

Let’s take the melodrama out of marketing.

If you’re clear on the roots of your biz, then your problem is probably two-fold:

  1. You haven’t figured out the kind of creative marketing strategy that works for YOU that you’ll actually DO (Is this video? Writing? Teaching? Social Media? Networking? Live virtual-in-nature retreats? Challenges? Something insanely cool no one has ever thought of?)
  2. You have not created SYSTEMS to ensure your marketing activities are simplified and happening on an ongoing basis.

Because, secret – You know those up and down revenues month to month?

They usually happen because you get busy with clients and stop marketing.


So you need to create a Marketing Machine.

And I’m not even saying it has to be 100% percent automated where you don’t even think about it… though that’s something to aspire to for sure.

I’m talking about designing a marketing strategy that actually excites you and putting the pieces and plan in place – and the administrative support – for it to hum along with minimal yet consistent effort from you.

It involves considering your Attraction plan – how to get new clients into the mix.

And your Cultivation plan – what to do with folks once they’re in your world.

It involves sexy things like creative brainstorms.

And it involves less sexy things like mapping out your content plan.

And it definitely involves getting some support from people you trust.

And of course, this is one of the things we’ll be working on in Nourished… and early bird registration starts next week!