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Gratitude Isn’t Always That Simple

I think we can all agree that cultivating and really feeling a sense of gratitude is a worthy way to spend some time this week.

As you probably already know, there’s loads of research out there, including from places like the Harvard Medical School, that shows that gratitude literally changes your brain and makes you happier.

It also puts us in the energetic space to receive more abundance and goodness into our lives.

When I’m at a peak gratitude level, everything just flows… giving and receiving seem to meld into one, and there are more magical moments, crazy coincidences and unexpected gifts in my life.

And yet, it’s also not always easy to conjure up gratitude when you’re in the midst of something challenging.

It takes some effort to get up to that level of flow, and sometimes you have to dig around for a while to find what you’re grateful for.

But even when things are challenging, I find I can always still find something to celebrate…

And usually it’s the gifts that arise from the challenge. So instead of focusing on the thing that’s bumming me out, I focus on all the learning and wisdom I’m gathering from being on that journey.

And when I can conjure this stuff up, and say it out loud (usually around the dinner table at our daily gratitude share), my mood actually starts to shift into the place of peak gratitude (or closer to it anyway).

So I want to share with you what I’m grateful for, even in the midst of a challenging situation in my life.

One thing… it’s important also to acknowledge what’s hard in our lives, feel it, and grieve it when needed. I am not saying we should gloss over challenge and only focus on the good stuff. But, we can always find lessons in our challenges.

So here we go…

My health has been challenging me a lot in the last year. I have a chronic condition that has caused me quite a bit of discomfort, poor sleep and super low energy.

So yeah, not so awesome.

But, damn am I learning a LOT!!! Seriously.

So here’s what I’m grateful for:

1. I’ve truly learned how to ask for help and receive support at a whole other level than I’m accustomed to. Thank god for my incredible partner, parents and (almost) mother-in-law who are total life-savers, supporting me to run my business, take care of my health and spend quality time with my daughter without having to worry about washing the dishes and grocery shopping (and a million other logistical life things). Plus, in addition to our usual childcare, I have also hired more babysitting support, someone to cook healthy food for me (according to my very specific healing diet), and someone to clean the house. I’ve also got a health coach for the first time, plus a naturopath (not for the first time). In my business, in the last four months alone, I hired a team of strategy coaches, a copy writer, a Facebook ads specialist and found more ways than ever for my virtual assistant to support me. It feels amazing. And yes, it’s been a financial investment, but it allows me to grow my business and earn more money (that’s what business investments do!!).

2. I am literally becoming an expert-by-fire in streamlining my business, making it simpler, and letting things go. I’ve always taught folks how to get super aligned internally and figure out their true priorities (and what needs to go), and then streamline and simplify their businesses from there. It’s something that comes naturally to me, plus I’ve gotten a lot of great training in it as well. And interestingly, life continues to give me opportunities to do this even MORE in my own business. I am doing less and less, and things are feeling better and better. It’s a process, and there’s work in it too, but this of course gives me more to teach all of you.

3. I am learning to be REALLY kind to and easy on myself. I’ve made a huge shift recently, with the support of more than one health and energy healer, from trying to FIX a problem with my health and get better ASAP (so from being super goal-oriented and Capricorn-y about it, as I’m apt to be), to TENDING to my body and being super gentle and kind to myself in every moment, without any expectation. And of course, I want to get better. But when I let go of control in this way, it just feels better, and I can integrate this illness into my life, instead of shoving it aside and waiting for it to go away.

4. I have time and flexibility, plus the financial resources to support and spend time with my family. I still get to make my own hours, do work from my home (in my PJs if I want), and take time when I want to for my daughter. So for example, we go to music class on Monday mornings and I only work in the afternoon. I’m also still the primary breadwinner in my family, despite my health issues. Being an entrepreneur allows me this freedom. It would be really challenging to have a job-job and have to go into an office everyday. But here I am happily typing from my couch 🙂

5. I feel extra SUPER inspired to help other women have all of this too. Look, I’m in this to help women have the space, time, energy, and financial resources to live the lives they want… to be with their families and friends, be in nature, travel if they wish, give to causes they care about (hello 2020 election), and be on purpose in their lives. And, to be able to sustain themselves EVEN IF they are having a health challenge or any other life circumstance that pops up (because we all know they do). And I am not saying that I’ve figured this all out and that my life is perfect or something (hardly!). I still get stressed and tired. But it’s a journey, and I’m committed to it, and committed to helping other women do the same.

In that vein, I’ll be announcing soon the beta of a really incredible new group coaching program & mastermind I’m launching in January for established women coaches, consultants and healers.

So if you want to learn how to transform a business that drains you into a business that sustains you – and ultimately into a business that nourishes you on ALL the levels, shoot me an email, and I’ll give you more info.

I’d love to hear what you’re grateful for too.