Is Your Biz Leaking Time, Energy & Money?


As spring draws to a close, I wanted to share a lesson I received from a book by personal development guru Jim Rohn, called Seasons of Life.

“The unique blending of sun, soil, and seed at the springtime of seasons will provide predictable and miraculous results [in the fall] for those who will learn to take full and complete advantage of the spring.”

First, I want you to know, I’m not saying this to put pressure on you (oh my gosh, spring’s almost over!), but to give you another frame for how we can tune into the seasons to feel more easeful and natural in our work.

I often say,

You can’t fruit if you don’t root.” 

Rohn is simply stating this in another way…

Spring is THE time for planting. The soil, the air, the sunshine… it’s all PERFECT to help a seed grow. Life-force energy is high.

But… in order for the seed to grow, you need to plant it. Right? I mean, a whole gorgeous spring could go by, and if you were just looking at the flower blossoms and forgot to work, well, that vibrant springtime energy would simply pass and summer would arrive.

(Not that I don’t think you should stop and smell the roses, because I truly want you to do that).

What we’re saying here is that you have to take advantage of the springtime energy, because it only comes round once a year.

That doesn’t mean work so hard you burnout, it just means don’t miss out on the moment (and remember how much you really don’t want to work right around December 27th).

Now summer is a great time to nurture and water those seeds you planted, to bring them to full growth so they can fruit… It’s the perfect time to market and grow your offering through connecting and sharing.

Because have you noticed that it tends to be a little bit harder to START a new project in summer? It’s because the big spring life-force energy has died down; it’s more about maintaining and growing, not necessarily creating (think of agricultural fields in the summer time).

And so you want to go out and play! And you should.

So what to do?

Here are some examples: get that free intro class ready now to teach this summer, finish up your website now so you can go network more confidently this summer, or sign up those 6-month clients now before they start going on vacations. Get your project complete with the assistance of the creative spring energy, and then put it out to the world this summer.

And of course you’ll want to sprinkle your summer marketing with some good vacations and adventures. It’s all part of the summer vibe.

And that way, you’ll have a good harvest in the fall.

The seeds you planted will grow into fruits. The marketing you did will turn into clients (and money).Because fall can be a time of huge bounty, but if your crops were never planted, you really can’t expect much, right?
There’s still some springtime left, let’s use it for planting.