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I really wanted to share something absolutely brilliant with you today, but the epiphanies just weren’t flowing. Maybe it was the crazy hot early fall day here in the Bay Area, or maybe it was something else…

I needed to clear my head. I trusted that if I took a break and went on a walk in the woods near my house that by the end of the walk, I’d have a topic for my next blog post. So I went. Nature would show me something.

I proceeded to spend the first 15 minutes of my walk thinking. At warp speed.

“Maybe I’ll write about this, maybe that, oh here’s another idea, no this one, no that one.”

My brain was going as quickly as a scroll through Facebook.

STOP!! I came out here for a reason…

To create    S     P     A     C     E.

So I slowed down, and went up to my favorite spot (view pictured above!) and sat down on the earth. I listened to the birds (a hummingbird came right up to my face!). I felt the earth beneath me. And my brain finally slowed down to the pace of my resting body.

I stopped thinking about what I was going to write and just let the warm air drift around me, watched the sun begin to set over the hills, and found a little bit of peace after a busy day.

I could now rattle off a bunch of cool new studies showing how nature does everything from increasing memory retention to boosting creativity and physical and cognitive health.

Because science is proving all of this. 

But honestly, we don’t need science to tell us what we know is true:

If you’re in a creative rut, or your brain’s moving too fast, or you’re in a crappy mood, or you feel addicted to your little machine, or you are overwhelmed and don’t know what to do first…

Going outside helps.

Creativity needs spaciousness to flourish. Our best ideas come when we’re not trying desperately to think of them and when our brains aren’t cluttered up with hundreds of other things.

And, we’re at our best when we are rested, when we take breaks instead of powering through, and when we take the time to slow down and connect with the real, living, pulsing world around us.

You just gotta get up and do it, and trust that even if it feels like a luxury, it’s not.

In fact, it’s actually a productivity technique: More and better work will happen after you go on that walk than if you just tried to power through without it. 

What if you went outside right now?

Seriously. Just close your computer and go.

And if you can’t right this moment, what you can do is put one of those little schedule blocks in your calendar to do it later today or tomorrow.

Comment here after your walk and let me know if you had any epiphanies 🙂