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Don’t Pivot. Do This Instead.

I’ve had a LOT heartfelt, real conversations with my clients and colleagues over the past few weeks about what to do in their businesses in the face of this pandemic.

I’ve come to one very clear conclusion.

If at all possible, avoid a pivot.

A pivot generally means a pretty major strategy shift in your business… changing products or business models completely.

This is NOT the time for a complete pivot.


First, because that’s a friggin’ huge amount of work! And if you know me at all, I am all about the low-hanging fruit… don’t do more work than you absolutely have to (especially if your kids are running around the living room as you read this or you’re actually not feeling well).

Second, the reality is that for most of you, people STILL need your services, they’re just a little distracted, by, you know, the pandemic.

You likely ALREADY have something great to offer. It might just need…


How’s that different from a pivot?

A reframe means that you maintain the essential ROOTS of your business, like your niche, message and in many ways, your offer.

But what changes is how you frame it:

  1. You might need to change your messaging to be more relevant for this moment.
  2. You might need to change the structure of your offer, for example, you may want to try groups instead of one-on-one to cultivate community, and/or make it more affordable for each individual client.
  3. You might need to change the format, for example, taking your work online or outdoors.

So here’s my question for you:

How can you keep as much as possible in your business the SAME, yet still shift, or reframe, enough to be relevant and helpful to folks NOW?

Now look, if you see a biz opportunity that you’re super excited about and you have the time and energy to go for it… pivot away my friend, I’m behind you 100%. Opportunities abound.

But if you are like me and have limited time and energy for your business, then my recommendation is to change as little as possible. You already know your target audience, you already have your offers spelled out. Changing your focus requires a lot of energy.

The name of the game is REFRAME.

Keep your eyes peeled, because I’m putting together a new free class on April 1 at 11AM PT to share all the wisdom I’m gathering about running a business during a pandemic, and I really can’t wait to share it with you. It’s like literally pouring out of me and I just need to find the time amidst the madness to pull it all together!

There are openings in both of my group coaching programs (early stage and established)… if you are looking for support right now, hit me up. I am well-positioned to support you right now, and I want you coming through this strong! 

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