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Both goals and intentions help us manifest what we want, but they operate in different ways.

Intentions > Goals > Actions > New Reality

Intentions come from your heart; they are your most sincere desires and arise from your life purpose, longings, and most deeply held values.

Your intentions serve as a guidepost to live mindfully and in alignment with these deepest desires, purpose, and values.

Intentions create a vision for your future. They help foster a particular outcome, but are unattached to how it will come to pass.

In other words, once you set an intention, you let it go and allow the Universe/fate/God/ chance/etc to take charge in manifesting it… in whatever way it’s meant to happen. Clear intentions send a strong message.

Intentions often provide the foundation for, and inspire and inform our goals. Let your goals arise from your intentions.

Goals put our intentions in action. They help us chart a pathway to achieving results, through planning, calendars, daily practices and objectives.

Intention says, “I feel healthy, fit and comfortable in my body.” Goal says, “I go to the gym three times a week and have cut sugar out of my diet.” (And then your first action step might be signing up for a gym membership). All are very helpful. But the goal could change and the intention could still be realized.

When we set goals, we come from a more practical place. We use logical reasoning and make a plan. As you know, sometimes life allows the plan to happen and sometimes
it doesn’t. That’s why it’s great to also have intentions… so that what we want has the opportunity to happen in a different way that we may not have expected.

Goals give us clear benchmarks and accountability and allow us to take action and move forward more easily. So, even though goals may change (so may intentions, but probably less frequently), that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bother setting them. They provide the structure for prioritizing and planning that gives us more freedom. They give us direction and focus. Just be open to them changing if they need to, and check in with your intentions when you make the changes.