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If you haven’t noticed, Facebook is a pretty crazy place to be right now.

I mean, it’s always had a chaotic quality to it, but with current events the way they are, I can feel a lot more fear and frenzy in my feed.

So, it’s interesting to notice what cuts through:

  1. Beauty and art – I posted a photo of painting that I created in my watercolor class.  I got so much love on that post (way more than any political article I’ve posted)!
  2. Humor – Especially that incredible SNL skit with Melissa McCarthy from last weekend.
  3. Clear, Inspiring, Repeatable Messages – The ones that seem to be sticking (at least on my feed, and clearly, you all know my politics at this point) are messages related to resistance as well as the idea that taking action makes a difference.

So what can we learn from this?

Well first, a little humor and a great image are always helpful in marketing.

And, taking a clear stand, having a consistent message, and repeating it again and again is how you get people to listen and resonate with you. 

And this is what we have to do in our businesses too… on Facebook and anywhere else that we market, from chatting it up with our referral partners to teaching our classes.

People need to know what you stand for, why you do the work you do, and how you do it differently from that other guy or gal down the street.

They need to hear your message loud and clear.

Over and over.

Now more than ever.

I have a message: It’s that I truly believe that if we unplug from our sped-up society and follow nature’s wisdom we can have more sustainable lives and businesses. And we can even make the world a healthier, less consumptive, and more connective place in the process.

That message is as important now as it ever was, and arguably even more important.

You may think that because of the political climate that it’s somehow inappropriate to speak your message from the rooftops. That maybe you need to tone things down and not shine your light so bright.

But I truly hope not.

Because your work is more important than ever: There’s a reason you do it, and my guess is that it’s a powerful and inspiring one, and one that is integral to express right now.

What do you stand for? Why do you help people? Can you incorporate that into your marketing message? And shout it from the rooftops?