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Hello coaches, consultants, healers and teachers…

Is your business grounded for serious growth?

If you’re great at what you do, but marketing feels frustrating and you can’t figure out why your business isn’t thriving, you might be forgetting something pretty major:

You Can’t Fruit If You Don’t Root!

This handy little checklist and guide will show you how you can:

  • Define and deepen your roots – the essential foundations of any successful and streamlined business
  • Find clarity, focus and calm in an overwhelming sea of things to do and people to listen to
  • Feel confident and excited (instead of disgusted) about marketing so you can get more clients and grow your business

And who am I?


I’m Julie Wolk, and I help coaches, consultants, and healers grow rooted, blossoming, burnout-free, businesses modeled after the way nature works. I created this guide so you can finally get clear on what you need to ground your business for serious growth – in a way that feels aligned, focused, and natural to you.

I was so overwhelmed by everything the internet told me I had to do to run a business. Julie helped me see that getting back to the basics was actually the most essential part of my success. Her material is SO clear and simple, yet incredibly impactful- she’ll help you distill everything down to the most important parts.
                                            – Lindsay Gordon, Career Coach

Ever See a Tree With No Roots?

(Doesn’t Work So Well)

Trust me; everything becomes easier in your business when your foundation is strong.

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