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Julie Wolk helps hard-working coaches, consultants, and healers grow rooted, blossoming, burnout-free businesses modeled after the way nature works. She’s a firm believer that if we step off the hamster wheel, and tune into nature’s rhythms, we can grow more sustainable lives, businesses and even—gasp!—a better world. A lifelong nature freak, she has over 15 years of experience turning vision into reality, and would love to help you create a simpler, more enjoyable, nature-led life and business. 


I was so overwhelmed by everything the internet told me I had to do to run a business. Julie helped me see that getting back to the basics was actually the most essential part of my success. Her material is SO clear and simple, yet incredibly impactful- she’ll help you distill everything down to the most important parts.
                                             – Lindsay Gordon, Career Coach

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