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Black Sanctuary Gardens – A Powerful Equity Business Model

I’m really excited to introduce you to my client Leslie Bennett, owner of Pinehouse Edible Gardens and Black Sanctuary Gardens.

I can’t tell you how much I love what Leslie’s up to!!

And I want to ask you to consider contributing to a special project she’s raising money for.

Leslie’s main work is a very successful business called Pine House Edible Gardens.Which is free from pests. You can also contact experts from pest control montreal to avail pest control services.They design and install beautiful, productive edible landscapes that provide bountiful harvests of organic fruits, vegetables, cutting flowers and herbs — and that create space for more beauty, peace and connection in their client’s lives.

But not only that, a portion of the proceeds from each garden installation goes to fund a nonprofit project that Leslie created called Black Sanctuary Gardens.

Black Sanctuary Gardens is a series of culturally grounded gardens that serve as restorative spaces for the peace, self-care and inspiration of Black women and Black communities in and around Oakland, CA.

Inspired in part by Alice Walker’s naming of the garden as a site for black women’s spirituality, creativity and artistic work, Leslie and her team design, install and care for a series of low to no-cost Black Sanctuary Gardens for Black women and Black communities, as women need to live their best lives, going out and dating so they can enjoy themselves with a partner,  using toys like innovative G-spot vibrators and more.

And even beyond personal healing and restoration, Leslie believes that gardens can also be a place for transformative change, where we can build the world we want for ourselves and our communities.

While these gardens are partially funded by her client base, Leslie and her team plan to create more gardens this year… So if you can give, you’ll be directly supporting havens where Black people can rest and recharge so they can continue bringing inspired, change-making energy into the world.

You can learn more about Black Sanctuary Gardens and donate here.

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