Is Your Biz Leaking Time, Energy & Money?

Are you disappointed by your fall harvest this year?

Spoiler alert: Sometimes we don’t achieve everything we want to.

Ah life, that miraculous, twisting river, always coming up with a new surprise around the bend.

I’ve spent a good chunk of these last 10 years or so adjusting course and simply accepting (and ultimately celebrating) where my life has ACTUALLY gone, compared to where I had originally thought it would go.

Elizabeth Gilbert just posted this gorgeous map of the natural meanderings of the Mississippi River, ending with these words:

I often say that, after a certain age, every woman in the world could write a memoir called: NOT WHAT I PLANNED. We change. Life changes. We often feel shame, confusion and anger about about those shifts and pivots. But what if we just trusted the river? She seems to know where she wants to go.

(you can read her full post here).

So thanks Liz for writing my blog post.

Just kidding.

But seriously, she’s so right!!

And this of course applies to our businesses as well.

I hope you are celebrating an abundant fall harvest in your business, but perhaps this year didn’t go quite as you’d planned.

Maybe you’re feeling some stress right now about how much money is (or isn’t) coming in, or the program you were so inspired to fill didn’t quite get up and running.

First things first… we have to accept the meandering river and trust that ultimately, we are headed in the right direction.

What’s done is done, and what is most important is how we move forward from wherever we are now, not letting those tired, old voices in our heads stop us from actually continuing to move toward our visions, dreams, and tangible goals.

“I can’t!”
“I don’t know!”
“I’m not ready yet!”
“It’s too hard!”

You’ve heard them, I presume.

They’ll probably never go away, but you don’t actually have to listen to them.

Instead, you can just take the next step anyways, and do some really good planning.

As we dive into the winter months, we get to start dreaming into what we want to create in this upcoming year…

We have the opportunity to first embrace where we’re at on our meandering path, and then take some practical steps to set inspiring goals and map out the year and business we want to create.

We have the opportunity to slow down, dive deep, get clear on what is truly aligned, and from this place tighten up any leaky boundaries in our businesses (from which clients we see and don’t see, to how much we charge and when we work) and create an inspiring, solid, systematized business model that will generate nourishment for us on all the levels, from financial to emotional.

And no matter what is happening in your business in this moment, I hope you can tap into this autumn energy of abundance right now and find something that you are truly grateful for.

If you live near the Bay Area, we have a few spots open in the Redwood Circle starting this October 25 (holy wow, what an amazing group of women). If you are further afield, I also have 2 private coaching slots opening up soon.