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3 things 2021 will require of you

Ok so I don’t want to be a total downer, but I have to say, all this, “I can’t wait til 2020 is over” – as if somehow 2021 is magically going to be better – really doesn’t make sense to me.

I mean, for SURE, the election was good news. And there is a chance Covid will start to fade away and we might be able to hug and touch each other again.

I’m definitely hoping for the best!!

But I’m not banking on 2021 suddenly being “back to normal” (as if that’s actually a thing).

So what do we do? How do we thrive in 2021 given everything that’s going on?

Here’s what I’ve learned…

There are 3 things that feel most important to me to bring into 2021 for myself AND to offer to you through the Replenish Retreat and all my programs.

1. Intentionality.  You need to LEARN from this crazy-ass year and your hard-earned wisdom and apply it to 2021, so that even if 2021 is more bananas than 2020, YOU can still be more grounded.

When you power through on autopilot, it only leads to frustration + exhaustion. That’s why it’s essential  to take a step back and evaluate what’s working and what’s not — so you can make a thoughtful and appropriate plan given current circumstances and opportunities.

2. Creativity. Spoiler alert. NOBODY knows exactly what you should do in your business right now. Because nobody has been through this moment in history, and not all the things that used to work, work now. Look, not to be dramatic, but if you just do the same ol’ thing, no one’s going to hear you with all the extra noise on the internet. So what does that mean?

Two things: 1) that you need space and time to feel your own sense of creativity and intuition (hard to do when you’re speeding through life) and 2) we need to bat around ideas with one another (which leads me to…)

3. Community. If there was ever a time to quit going it alone, it’s now. When we go it alone, we can feel isolated, unsupported and even depressed. And frankly, groups of people working together come up with better ideas and are more successful.

We need to be creative together, laugh together and see that everyone is having ups and downs. We need to share wisdom and tricks (I know you’ve acquired a few) and support one another to make things work better in this new era.

Bottom line? Business is NOT as usual this year, and we need to make real adjustments for the health of our businesses and for our own health and wellbeing.

What was sustainable in 2019 might not be what’s sustainable in 2021.

Of course, the secret gift of all this is that you can actually recreate your business so that it’s more efficient, more spacious and more easeful than it EVER was.

  • You’ll have the opportunity to process your emotions about 2020 and ceremonially compost the stuff that needs to go.
  • You’ll get time ALONE in nature to listen your own internal wisdom
  • You’ll experience a healing session with a master coach to help you hold better boundaries and experience more ease in your work
  • You’ll create priorities, commitments and high-level goals to guide you through the year
  • Plus you’ll dance, play, connect, craft and create a whole bunch of new biz buddies.

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