Feeling Stretched Thin? Check Your Biz Boundaries.

3 Essential Sustainable Biz Growth Actions

I don’t know about you, but I’m planning on doing things differently in the new decade.

  • Less struggle, more ease
  • Less “running out of time” and more being present doing the things I most love
  • Less computer time, and more living this beautiful life

And I have some big business goals for this new decade too, so thankfully, Bill Gates is right:


“Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.”


A business doesn’t grow overnight. It takes time, resources, commitment, and effort.

But it doesn’t require hustling, juggling, doing everything, and feeling crappy because of it.

You have an opportunity in these coming months to create a short and long term vision and plan for your business, and to get the support to guide you there.

I want to share with you what I see as the 3 essential ingredients for more ease, calm, sanity, joy and NOURISHMENT in your business in 2020 and beyond.




Have you ever procrastinated or felt depleted because you’re uninspired about the work you’re doing? It just feels off, boring, frustrating, or so 3 years ago? I’m guessing you have.

Being misaligned in our work is a total energy drain.

Alternatively, when you’re in a place of deep internal alignment, meaning you are connected to your purpose and what you most want for your life, and you’ve designed a business that supports that, a magical thing happens.

You become inspired, motivated, energized, focused, you know the plan, and you get things done.

This is because alignment is a natural energy source, providing a consistent flow of energy to accomplish your goals and a north star to keep you moving forward.

It’s the ultimate productivity secret.

Yet, we fall out of alignment very easily and often in this sped-up world.

So it’s ESSENTIAL that we take regular time away from our day-to-day busyness to slow down and re-align, and then to make the requisite changes in our business to continuously support what’s most important.



Here is what I know to be true:

When you have poor boundaries, you are

  • Less productive (Saying NO creates space for more of what is important)
  • Less rich (It’s way harder to make a lot of money and experience success – especially without burning out)
  • Less happy (You agree to do something for a client that you don’t really want to do, or at a time you don’t want to do it, and you end up resentful)

And most women entrepreneurs have pretty crappy boundaries:

  • They see clients and do work they don’t want to do
  • They have wiggly schedules and see clients when they’d rather be off work
  • They don’t charge enough
  • They over-give energetically

These are all energy leaks, and when you have too many of them, they drain you and get in the way of your sanity, happiness, and ability to make money.



I always say that structure creates freedom.

Imagine the banks of a river and how they allow the water to flow powerfully and freely, over rocks and around curves.

But a river with no banks? It’s not a river. A puddle maybe. Or a delta. Lovely, but not a powerful river.

Your business needs this kind of structure if you want to flow freely and have extra time to enjoy the view.

So I’m talking everything from your online scheduling tool, an air-tight onboarding process for new clients, and standard operating procedures  for your biz to the right legal business structure, insurance and financial tracking, and an assistant to help you implement and manage it all!

And these three ingredients together?


A business that nourishes you on all the levels, energetically, financially, and with space and time to breathe.


If you’re like, Yes! THIS is what I need! Then I’d love to chat with you about my upcoming new group + private coaching group called NOURISHED. We start in January.

You can apply for a free consultation here and we’ll talk.

No pressure. Let’s see if I can support you to create the business and life you want in 2020 and beyond.