Is Your Biz Leaking Time, Energy & Money?


You’ve probably heard that for your marketing to work well, you need to identify your target audience’s big problem… and then show them how working together will help them solve that problem.

That’s super important, but that’s just step one.

You also need to identify what your clients ultimately want so you can inspire them to take action toward this outcome through your marketing.

So here’s a simple formula (with three examples) to communicate with your people about why they should work with you that gets at the bigger picture reasons why they might really wanna hire you.

Example 1:

Problem: Client is burnt out
Solution: Acupuncture, massage and health coaching program to revitalize your body
Provides: You’ll get a full health assessment, learn relaxation practices, get personalized diet guidelines, and hands-on healing tailored to your constitution
SO YOU CAN (Ultimate Benefit): Have more energy to be with your family and do your work, and simplify your life

Example 2:

Problem: Client hates marketing
Solution: Course in easy, authentic marketing strategies that aren’t icky.
Provides: You’ll learn a revolutionary new marketing framework and receive personalized, expert guidance to implement it
SO YOU CAN (Ultimate Benefit): Get more clients, earn more money and live the life you want to live

Example 3:

Problem: Client’s team is uninspired and people are leaving their jobs
Solution:  Innovate and Create coaching and workshop
Provides: You’ll get personal coaching on how to inspire your team plus a hands on team-building training in innovation strategies
SO YOU CAN (Ultimate Benefit): Transform your team into one that uses their creativity, enjoys their work, and helps your business achieve its goals

Have you guessed the three magic words?


Most entrepreneurs describe what people get (the solution and what the solution provides) but they don’t always tell them why it’s so important. They don’t tell them what they will ULTIMATELY get. 

Your people want something more than a course or a program with a bunch of cool features; that is simply the means to an end. In the end, they want to feel better, be more confident, have more money, be healthier and happier, etc.

You need to understand your clients’ problems and the ultimate vision they really want for themselves.
And then speak to them in terms of those problems and ultimate benefits so they can see that you GET what they really want, and you can help them get there.

Your solution is simply the bridge to get them there.

“Read my super smart emails SO YOU CAN simplify your business and earn more money.” 

Get it? 😉

You can actually do this for each specific feature of a program you offer and it will improve your confidence, your sales pages and sales conversations dramatically.

Try your own in the comments below.